’Jeopardy!’: Meet Guest Host Dr. Oz’s Four Children

by Halle Ames

Dr. Oz, the current guest host of the hit game show Jeopardy!, is not only a TV personality or doctor. He is also a father of four.

Follow along as we share a little bit more about Dr. Oz and his family.

Dr. Oz and His Wife Lisa

Dr. Oz has been married to his first and only wife, Lisa Oz, since June of 1985.

Lisa is a TV and radio personality, appearing as co-host on the Dr. Oz Show and the Oprah and Friends XM radio show. She has co-authored two books as well, including You: The Owner’s Manual. While her husband is an expert in medicine, Lisa specializes in spiritual medicine. Furthermore, she is a Reiki master.

Together, Dr. Oz and Lisa have four children, including three daughters and a son.

Dr. Oz’s Oldest Daughter, Daphne

The oldest daughter is 35-year-old Daphne Oz. Born in 1986. Daphne also has a focus on health, just like her dad Dr. Oz.

After attending Princeton University, earning a degree in Near Eastern Studies, Daphne decided to focus on healthy eating. She is a nutrition author as well as a TV host, like her parents. She worked as a co-host for the ABC daytime talk show The Chew, which aired from 2001 until 2017.

Daphne Oz’s books include the college food guide, The Doom Room Diet in 2007 and Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun, which focuses on relationships, recipes, and careers.

She married her college boyfriend, John Jovanovic, on August 26, 2010. Together the couple also has four children named Philomena Bijou, Jovan Jr., Domenica Celine, and Giovanna Ines in 2019.

According to a Celebrity Dig article from 2019, Daphne and her husband’s net worth boasts around $12 million.

Arabella Sezen

Next, Mehmet and Lisa Oz had Arabella Sezen. Although her age or date of birth is unknown, she is referred to as Dr. Oz’s celebrity child.

Arabella attended Columbia University and has pursued a career in the acting industry. She appeared in the 2016 film When the Starlight Ends, directed by Adam Sigal. Although she is just starting out her acting career, she has a few other films under her belt. They include Chapters, Nick Drinks a Pour-Over, Nightcap, Hunter’s Cove, and Our House.

Besides her few on-screen appearances, Arabella is a very mysterious daughter for the limelight. The website estimates her net worth to be around $4.5 million.

Zoe Yasemin

Next, in line for the Oz family tree, includes Zoe, the youngest daughter of Mehmet and Lisa. She received her bachelor’s degree from Columbia University, but like her older sister, her birthday is unknown.

Zoe has also appeared on her father’s show, however. Mehmet and her worked together to launch the family’s non-profit organization, HealthCorps, which prompts a healthy lifestyle.

Oliver Mustafa, the Only Son of Dr. Oz

Finally, Lisa and Mehmet tried once more for a boy and were not disappointed. They had Oliver, who is in his early 20s. Not much is known about Oliver either, besides the fact that he is away, studying at college.