‘Jeopardy!’: Mehmet Oz Focuses on Classic Boardgame in New Round of ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy’

by Jon D. B.

The category is “game play” for Mehmet Oz‘s latest round of ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy!’ – with the clue coming straight from his own television history.

Ready for another round of ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy!’? The game show’s current guest host is hitting fans with a “daily dose of Dr. Oz” each day to warm up for the night’s ‘Jeopardy!’ rounds. The category for Tuesday’s question, along with the clue, should have boardgame fans feeling quite nostalgic, too.

“The next daily dose of ‘Dr Oz. Jeopardy!’ is in this category: Game Play,” the host and longtime friend of Alex Trebek reveals.

As for the clue? it reads as follows: “CNN’s Sanjay Gupta once faced off with Dr. Oz in a round of this popular childhood medical game; it tickled our funny bones.”

Think you know the answer? Give the daily doze a spin below, then click or swipe right to find out the answer. And don’t worry, we’ve got the reveal for you below – just in case.

Ready for the answer?

“What is Operation?” ‘Jeopardy!’s Oz reveals via Instagram. “He focused on the brain,” he continues of CNN’s Gupta. “I went for the more important organ: the heart, or so I say,” Oz concludes with a smile.

Hosting Oz Hits Followers with Daily ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy!’

Not feeling up to speed on what exactly ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy!’ is? The shorts are available exclusively for Dr. Oz’s followers on social media. Within, the television personality provides a classic ‘Jeopardy!’ style answer each day an episode he’s hosting is set to air. Each question focuses on Dr. Oz himself, with the answers doing the same in turn.

“I’ll be hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ for the next two weeks,” the Dr. began his first post for the social segment. “So, to make it fun we have a daily dose of Dr. Oz ‘Jeopardy!’ for you.”

While the television personality’s hosting gig has come with its fair share of criticism, the Dr. is powering forward in high spirits. His efforts to connect with fans have not gone unnoticed, either.

Regardless, Dr. Oz has the biggest of shoes to fill – several times over. Not only will ‘Jeopardy!’ viewers forever miss late host Alex Trebek’s presence, but Oz’s hosting tenure directly follows journalism legend Katie Couric, who fans feel did a tremendous job hosting.

Sadly for Couric’s own fans, she’s gone on the record saying she doesn’t want the hosting gig full time. Ken Jennings remains a fan favorite to take over his mentor’s legacy.