‘Jeopardy!’: Mehmet Oz Unveils His Favorite ‘Cheat Meal’ in New Round of ‘Dr. Oz Jeopardy’

by Emily Morgan

As part of “Dr. Oz Jeopardy!,” the celebrity doctor is back this week with another clue— this time it’s about his favorite cheat meal. For over a week, the doctor and television personality has taken his spot behind the podium as one of the show’s celebrity guest hosts.

On Monday, he posted the daily dose of “Dr. Oz Jeopardy!” to his personal Instagram account. The category was “prehistoric foods,” and the clue was “This Oz favorite cheat meal is also a favorite of Fred Flintstone.”

Dr. Oz, who is 60-years-old, admitted he still likes to indulge in a cheat meal from time to time. According to the former talk show host, he goes for the classic American choice of ribs to treat himself. However, he kept us guessing if he prefers a half-rack or full.

Dr. Oz’s Time on ‘Jeopardy!’ Nears the End

Following journalism veteran Katie Couric, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s hosting gig will end on April 2. Even though his time on the show has come with criticism, he’s remains optimistic.

“It is such an honor to be a guest host,” Oz began on his first night of hosting. “I was fortunate to become friends with Alex, and visited him and this show as often as I could. One of my favorite memories was of Alex showing me, with immense pride, a room full of letters of support and love for him from you, from his fans.”

Despite his gratitude, he’s had to face a tough crowd when it comes to “Jeopardy!” fans. Some argue that the doctor is directly at odds with the premise of the show: unbiased truth.

Before he stepped foot on the “Jeopardy!” stage, 500 former contestants signed a petition lobbying to remove Dr. Oz. Some even called for a full-on boycott of the show. Despite the backlash, Dr. Oz continues full-steam ahead.

Although some are outraged about the show’s decision to include the controversial doctor, there is a silver lining. During the first week of hosting, Dr. Oz helped raise nearly $130,000 for Healthcorps.

According to its website, Healthcorps is a national nonprofit committed to “saving lives by addressing health inequities in at-risk communities through educational leadership, programming, and service learning.”

The classic quiz show matches contestant winnings on episodes that aired from March 22 and up until April 2. The winnings will support students to become health advocates. Next on the guest-host roster is Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Starting on April 5 and running until April 16, Rodgers will be raising money for his charity: North Valley Community Foundation.