‘Jeopardy!’: Mike Richards Gets Torched Over Abrupt Exit by John Oliver

by Josh Lanier

Comedian John Oliver ridiculed Jeopardy! host for a day Mike Richards on this show this week, calling him a “smirking golf bag” during his opening monologue.

Oliver’s HBO show, Last Week Tonight, opens with a series of visual gags. This week it featured a photo of Richards with the feaux-Latin phrase “Postus Hostus,” beneath his smiling mug. Oliver didn’t have much time to focus on Richards this week as he dedicated almost his entire 30-minute show to the horrors unfolding in Afghanistan. However, he made sure to at least mention the mess happening at Jeopardy!.

He quickly summed up the situation with a photo of Richards and saying “this smirking golf bag was demoted from hosting Jeopardy! to merely running it.”

Few people are pointing out how weird it is that Richards stepped down as host of Jeopardy! after he a series of past controversial comments came to light. However, he is staying on as executive producer of the show.

But Oliver is far from the only person to roast Richards. It’s a team sport on Twitter now.

“I really admire Jeopardy! Executive Producer Mike Richards for removing Mike Richards as Jeopardy host immediately after hearing the horrible things Mike Richards said on Mike Richards podcast,” comedian Matt Oswalt joked.

“Mike Richards should be removed as an Exec Producer of Jeopardy! simply for not realizing what an inappropriate choice Mike Richards would be as host. He must have known what Mike Richards had said on that podcast,” actor Josh Molina quipped.

Even former Jeopardy! champions have joined in the dogpile.

“I was really looking forward to the season premiere where after an exhaustive 61-clue search for the next Jeopardy champion, the show looks past the three obvious candidates and declares Mike Richards the winner,” Jeopardy! legend James Holzhauer tweeted.

Richards Removed ‘Jeopardy!’ G.O.A.T. From Taping

Mike Richards was only Jeopardy! host for a single day. But during that day, he found a way to upset most of the fan base.

The New York Times reported that Sony invited former Jeopardy! greats Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen to a special ceremony on Richards’ first day of filming. The show renamed its studio after Alex Trebek, the beloved Jeopardy! host who died last year.

But after the ceremony ended, Richards reportedly exiled Jennings and Cohen to the green room to watch the show on a monitor. He allegedly had the two escorted from the stage. He told staff that having them in the audience made him too nervous, but that’s done little to quell any anger from fans.

Jennings is a consulting producer on Jeopardy! and Cohen was a favorite to replace Trebek before Sony appointed Richards. That’s going to make for an awkward Christmas party if either of them is chosen as host.