’Jeopardy!’: Mike Richards Is the Only Guest Host Who’s Not Famous, Here’s Why He Took the Gig

by Emily Morgan

After the longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek passed away, the game show announced it would use a series of guest hosts until they determined a permanent replacement. Following Ken Jennings’ six-week stint behind the podium, he has now passed the baton to “Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards. However, Richards wasn’t on the original roster of guest hosts.

As Jennings was nearing the end of his hosting gig, there was an outbreak of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. As a result, the show had to change its plans. Instead of the celebrity host initially slated to host, Richards had to step up to the plate. During Richard’s first episode in front of the camera, he revealed the reasoning behind the decision.

“I’m Mike Richards, the executive producer of Jeopardy, and I’m hosting today and for the next two weeks to keep the greatest quiz show in the world going. We have some amazing guest hosts coming, that I can’t wait for you to see. But with the Covid outbreak here in LA, folks were understandably a little reticent to shoot. Ken Jennings did a great job, but he’s unavailable due to obligations with his show The Chase so as the producer my job is to quite literally live the mantra: the show must go on.”

Fans Praise Mike Richards Following ‘Jeopardy!’ Debut

Even though he may not possess the same star power as the upcoming hosts, he makes up for it with game show experience. He’s not only the executive producer of the quiz show, but he has also worked on other shows, including “Wheel Of Fortune,” “The Price Is Right,” and “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Since his debut episode, fans have taken to social media to rave about Richards as the host. Some viewers are even calling for the show to declare him as the permanent host. After Richard’s stint, fans will see a plethora of hosts take their spot behind the lectern, including Katie Couri, Aaron Rodgers, and Bill Whitaker.

Before his passing, Alex Trebek was adamant that he wanted the show to continue. While it may never be the same without him, we can only hope the updated version honors Trebek’s legacy in the best way possible.