‘Jeopardy!’: Mike Richards Out as Host, Who Might Replace Him?

by Clayton Edwards

Last week, Mike Richards was on top of the world. Sony announced that he was the new permanent Jeopardy! host. Then, things from his past came back to haunt him. Previous lawsuits that included him resurfaced as well as some unfortunate comments he made on a podcast some years ago. After the Anti-Defamation League requested an investigation into his past, he lost the coveted position. News broke about this decision earlier today. His tenure as the permanent Jeopardy! host lasted less than nine days.  

Many Jeopardy! fans won’t be too broken up about this decision. They met the news that Mike Richards would be the show’s new host with scorn. Responses ranged from name-calling to citing Richards’ troubled past. One thing was clear, fans wanted just about anyone else to take the job.

Now that Mike Richards is out as Jeopardy!’s host, we’re back to square one. There is once again a vacuum behind the iconic quiz show’s lectern. So, we’re all left wondering who will step into the vacant position and carry the show’s legacy forward. There are several possibilities.

Mike Richards’ Potential Successors

The most logical choice to replace Mike Richards might be Mayim Bialik. Currently, the Big Bang Theory alum is set to host primetime spinoff specials of the show. Making her the host of the regular episodes would almost be a lateral move. On top of that, many fans were happy with the fact that Bialik was tapped to host. However, they wanted to see her instead of Richards helming the main game.

Ken Jennings is another candidate who seems perfect for the job. For one, Jennings started his rise to fame with a record-breaking Jeopardy! winning streak. Currently, he holds the title of Greatest of All Time on the show as well as a position as a segment producer. So, Jennings knows the series inside and out. Additionally, his was the highest-rated guest-hosting stint and many believe that Trebek wanted Jennings to replace him.

Then again, no one wants this job more than LeVar Burton. Long before Trebek passed away in November of 2020, Burton tweeted about wanting the position. In fact, he called stepping behind the lectern as a guest host a dream come true. Burton isn’t alone in thinking that he is right for the job. There’s a fan-led petition with tens of thousands of signatures calling for him to take over for Trebek. It was launched almost immediately after the legendary host passed away. Burton’s passion for learning, calm demeanor, and squeaky clean history make the former Reading Rainbow host a great replacement for Mike Richards.

We’re just as anxious the rest of Jeopardy!’s fan base to see who Sony will choose to replace Mike Richards.