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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards Owns Stunning $3M Property in California and It Looks Incredible

by Matthew Memrick
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Mike Richards is taking over the reins of the iconic game show “Jeopardy!” When he’s not on set, he’s relaxing at a breathtaking home in California.

According to The Sun, Richards and his wife, Stephanie, bought the gorgeous $3M Mediterranean estate in 2017.

The estate sits on just a 0.57-acre lot, but it packs a punch. With 5,200 square feet of living space, it has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The master bedroom has access to a private courtyard. Also notable are the marble countertops, hardwood floor, and dining room.

The house also features huge wooden Spanish-style doors, a library, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a five-car garage. Also on the property is a lap pool, a big outdoor cooker, and giant trees for privacy.

ExactWorth.com reports that new “Jeopardy!” host and executive producer Richards, a three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner and 17-time nominee, has a net worth of $6 million. 

Richards will likely get a pay raise, however. According to Celebrity Net Worth, “Jeopardy!” reportedly paid former host Alex Trebek $18 million a year.

‘Jeopardy!’ Pick Richards Still Getting Flak 

By week’s end, outsiders and fans still took issue with the Richards decision.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour critic Linda Holmes broke down her thoughts. She said the decision to go with the boss takes special care, saying producers “have to be careful to avoid the appearance of a sort of a sham process.” 

Holmes also related that Richards had an in, putting himself in an “emergency host” soon after Trebek died and when a backup host could not commit to the full production. She called his “Jeopardy!” decision to move to the forefront “a plucky one.” 

In his winning host statement, Richards said, “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being chosen to step into a role of this magnitude.” 

Holmes went on to say that Richards reportedly also “threw his hat in the ring to replace legendary “The Price Is Right” host Bob Barker.

Holmes also called the two-host situation “silly and disingenuous,” and when the permanent hosting competition results in the boss winning, “it can make it seem like the whole thing was kind of a joke.”

“Jeopardy!” Ratings Huge For Richards

Forbes.com reported that “Jeopardy!” ratings to start 2021 rocketed to the top of the most-watched shows.

Richards’s two-week “Jeopardy!” hosting stint in February and March earned 9.9 and 9.73 million total viewers during the contest.

According to Forbes, the executive producer kept the show in first place after top viewed host Ken Jennings had the reins. Jennings took in 9.36 and 10.35 million viewers. The show’s total viewership ranked first in syndicated TV for all but one of Jennings’ weeks.