‘Jeopardy!’: More Guest Hosts to Come Following Mike Richards Exit

by Clayton Edwards

Things have not been easy for the Jeopardy! team lately. It all really started in November of 2020 when Alex Trebek tragically passed away. After that, a string of guest hosts stepped in to keep the game going. For a time, that was fun for fans. The debates on who should permanently host raged on for months. Some fan favorites emerged, though. Fans wanted to see someone like Aaron Rodgers, Ken Jennings, or LeVar Burton take Trebek’s spot full time.

However, Sony Pictures Television chose the show’s executive producer for the position. That didn’t work out. He held the position for nine days before he stepped down due to his checkered past and immense fan backlash. Now, Jeopardy! fans are left wondering who will take the show’s reins again.

The truth is, Sony Pictures Television needs time to find another host. So, Jeopardy! fans get to watch another string of guests try their hands at hosting. However, they have not yet announced the lineup of guests. We do know that Mayim Bialik will tape fifteen episodes when production on the show resumes this week, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Bialik holding down the proverbial fort for fifteen episodes will allow the studio to seek out and schedule a new lineup of guest hosts.

Speculation on Future ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Hosts

The list of celebs who could step up to the lectern is almost endless. Before Richards was given the spot, a wide range of people tried their hand at hosting Jeopardy!. However, most of the guest hosts had ties to the series or had a history of being on television.

For instance, Buzzy Cohen and Ken Jennings both stepped up to the lectern. They’re both Jeopardy! champs. Then people like Joe Buck, Robin Roberts, and Katie Couric stepped in. They’re all television personalities.

Jeopardy! showrunners could very well tap fan favorites from previous guest hosts to come back. If so, the lineup would be made up of Aaron Rodgers, LeVar Burton, Ken Jennings, Buzzy Cohen, and possibly Joe Buck. They could each hold their guest spot for two or three weeks. However, the show would still need to bring in new blood.

Hopefully, the Jeopardy! crew will think outside the box and bring in some truly surprising guest hosts. For instance, they could tap Queen guitarist Brian May. He wasn’t just the axeman for one of the biggest rock bands of all time, he is also an astrophysicist. May received a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Imperial College in 2007. However, his collegiate career began before his legendary band took off in the seventies.

Additionally, Jeopardy! could tap Dolph Lundgren as a guest host. He’s best known for his martial arts mastery and action movies. However, the Swedish actor also holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering.