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‘Jeopardy!’: New Champ Racks Up Massive Winnings in 3-Day Hot Streak

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

A new champion has emerged on the ever-popular quiz show Jeopardy! and he’s racking up big bucks during his winning streak.

Kelly Donohue, a bank examiner from Winthrop, Massachusetts is “heating up,” according to the Jeopardy! Contestant Zone. While he has a ways to go before reaching Ken Jennings’ record streak of 74 straight wins, Donohue has been quite impressive. He has now amassed three straight wins, with his streak beginning late last week. Through his three wins, he has won an impressive amount of cash with his total just shy of $80,000. He became the Jeopardy! champion last Thursday after defeating the reigning champ, who was also on a hot streak. Jeopardy! officials took to social media on Monday to congratulate Donohue for his performance through three games.

“How about a round of applause for our three-day champ Kelly!” the Jeopardy! social media post exclaims. The account concludes the Instagram post with a clapping emoji. A few fans of the game show took to the comments section to congratulate Kelly on his growing success.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Dominates Earth Day Category

Donohue has been dominant in his performances thus far and will compete in Tuesday’s episode, which will air in its usual timeslot. His dominance includes running through a category about whales in his first episode and first win. The special category regarding the world’s largest mammals was part of the Jeopardy! Earth Day episode airing last week. It is nothing new for the quiz show to include special categories to commemorate particular occasions — such as Earth Day.

The “Secrets of the Whales” category coincides with the release of a series that is airing on Disney plus at the moment. The “Secrets of the Whales” series is a collaboration between National Geographic and Disney plus.

The clues inside the whale category reveal several interesting facts about the mammals. For instance, one clue says whales travel a great distance to give themselves a “spa day.” They use sunken rocks to scrape dead skin cells off of their backs by brushing against the rocks.

Much like earth’s largest mammals, Jeopardy! continues plugging along despite an ever-changing atmosphere. Since the passing of longtime host Alex Trebek, the show is utilizing celebrities as guest hosts to keep it moving. Hosting duties are currently in the capable hands of Anderson Cooper. He will wrap up his tenure this Friday, with journalist Bill Whitaker set to begin his reign next Monday.