‘Jeopardy!’ Not Airing Tonight in Many TV Markets: Here’s Why

by Samantha Whidden

CBS’ games show Jeopardy! Is taking the night off. According to its website, Jeopardy! will not be on air on Friday (July 23rd) in many TV markets due to the 2021 Olympic Games, which is taking place tonight in Tokyo, Japan. 

[Jeopardy!] will not air due to ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ in time period” was listed in the show’s update section. The stations included in not having the show available are Atlanta WXIA, Detroit WDIV, Indianapolis WTHR, Pittsburgh WPXI, and Dayton WDTV. 

The Olympics kicked off on Friday with the opening ceremony. Events taking place will be Men’s Archery, Equestrian, Rowing, and Shooting.  

‘Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Finishes Her Stint As Guest Host on ‘Jeopardy!’

On Thursday (July 22nd), Good Morning America’s Robin Robert finished her stint as guest host on Jeopardy! The morning talk show host and co-anchor for ABC News spoke about her time as a guest host on her Twitter account. “I not only appreciate Alex even more but also the entire @Jeopardy family behind the scenes,” she writes. Roberts then expressed her gratitude for the contestants and viewer’s kindness.

While speaking about her time on the Jeopardy! stage, Robin tells USA Today that she ventured outside her comfort zone as a guest host and she loved it. “I had butterflies. Nothing really rattles me anymore. I’ve been doing this for such a long time. [But] I was nervous, and it felt good! It felt good to have those nerves.”

Roberts isn’t new to Jeopardy! The TV personality previously made an appearance on the game show as a contestant for Celebrity Jeopardy! Also during her interview, Robin reflects on a statement that the TV game show’s late long-time host, Alex Trek said. “I remember what Alex said, ‘It’s not about the host; it’s about the contestant.’”

Robin also says that she knew that the Jeopardy! contestants had been waiting all their lives to be on the iconic stage. “So I wanted to do everything Ic Ould to make sure that they had an experience that they had dreamed of.”

In regards to her thoughts on Alex Trebek,  Roberts adds, “Boy, Alex made it look a lot easier than it is! Whoo! That was work, but it was fun.”

Following her guest-hosting stint on Jeopardy!, Robin Roberts is set to host her very own talk show series Turning the Tables With Robin Roberts at the end of July. According to USA Today, the four-episode series will feature Roberts interviewing Hollywood personalities and performers. 

Former Reading Rainbow and Star Trek star LeVar Burton is set to take up hosting duties on Jeopardy! starting on Monday (July 26th). He will host until July 30th. David Faber will host from August 2nd to August 6th. Joe Buck will host from August 9th until August 13th.