‘Jeopardy!’: One Contestant Reveals the Real ‘Why’ Behind Going on the Game Show

by Madison Miller

There’s plenty of reasons to want to go on any game show, including one of the most popular and influential, “Jeopardy!”

From the possibility of earning thousands of dollars to meeting a celebrity guest host to getting onto national television in front of millions to just loving the thrill of the game.

For each contestant, the reasoning for going on the show varies to some degree.

One contestant, Kirsten Haas, was recently on “Jeopardy!” on Thursday, June 24. She didn’t end up being the champion of the night. She actually finished in third place.

“Win or lose, it was just so much fun. I’ve been trying to get on the show since about 2010,” Haas said to Reading Eagle. She also shared that since the show started doing an online test as the first step to auditioning, she’s done it each year. She finally got on the show after her third in-person audition.

Even though she came in last place, Haas still got some money to take home with her. The third-place contestant is guaranteed $1,000 and the second-place contestant $2,000. Meanwhile, the winner gets whatever money was accumulated during Final Jeopardy. Haas had a rough run with Final Jeopardy. She wagered most of her money and was left with $1 after incorrectly answering.

Despite her misfortune after many attempts at getting on “Jeopardy!” Haas is not phased. This is because her reasoning for loving the show and wanting to be on it had little to do with the money at all.

“You love the show, you love the spirit of it, the strategy. That’s why you go on.”

Her and her husband are also trivia lovers, which means “Jeopardy!” is the ultimate dream.

Another ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Opens Up About Experience

Another contestant, Shannan Younger, appeared on “Jeopardy!” back in 2018 with the late Alex Trebek hosting.

She shared that she got the call that she would be on the show in the middle of making dinner one night. Her hands were covered in flour.

She had one month’s notice to book a flight to Southern California where “Jeopardy!” is filmed.

One of her interesting observations had to do with clothing on the show. Each contestant packs what they will wear on the show themselves.

“Included in our pre-show documents were clothing recommendations — among them: no all-white tops, no olive colored tops, and avoid clothing with busy patterns. (I’m surprised at how many people on this show ignore that last suggestion),” Younger wrote on Better.

Younger also said that women are asked to come without makeup and get time in the makeup chair that day. However, her makeup artists didn’t give her any eyeliner or mascara, which she is used to wearing, so she pleaded with them for a thin layer. They avoid this because it tends to run due to the hot lights and nerves.

She ended up in second place. However, beyond just $2,000 she said she walked away with a lot more.

“But I also got a few new friends, having connected with some of the contestants in my group after we taped, a chance to show my daughter that her mom is perhaps a smidge smarter than she typically thinks, and the chance to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Younger said.