‘Jeopardy!’ Posts Sitcom-Themed Boards That Are Sure To Tease Your Brain

by John Jamison

The Instagram account run by “Jeopardy!” boasts all sorts of interesting content. Whether you’re looking for behind-the-scenes stuff or just a couple of fun facts, it’s definitely worth perusing. Their most recent post, however, is an entire category from the game itself. And it’s quite the brainteaser.

“You know these sitcoms – but do you recognize them without vowels?” the caption of the post reads.

It looks like something we’d actually see on the board during a real game. And that’s because it is. During the first round of the May 5 episode of “Jeopardy!,” the contestants were faced with this exact category. “VWLLSS STCMS” asked the players to guess which classic sitcoms were being displayed.

The catch? All of the vowels were removed.

They’re honestly a little bit harder than you might think. We won’t give away all the answers here, but the clues read, “TH FFC” for $200, “NTRG” for $400, “GD TMS” for $600, “LV LC” for $800, and finally, “TX” for $1000. Can you figure any of them out?

If you want to watch the contestants take a shot at them, the video is linked below.

One of the ‘Jeopardy!’ Vowelless Sitcoms Proved Unsolvable for the Contestants

So we won’t give away all the answers, but one of them we can’t avoid. “LV LC” looks more like Roman numerals than it does a sitcom title. And to be perfectly honest, it was too tough to figure out until guest host Bill Whitaker revealed the answer. We weren’t the only ones who struggled, either.

“LV LC” for $800 was the only title that none of the contestants were able to crack. But like a magic trick, once you have the answer, the whole thing becomes painfully obvious.

When Hanna asked for “vowel sitcoms eight,” Bill Whitaker revealed “LV LC,” and the silence was palpable. Nobody had a guess as to what the show could be, and it’s probably because the title has more vowels than it does consonants.

The answer is none other than the all-time classic “I Love Lucy.” The sneaky part is the “sometimes ‘Y'” rule of English vowels. If you’re not thinking along those lines, you’d have almost no chance of coming up with the right answer, especially on short notice.

“VWLLSS STCMS” is one of the more creative categories on “Jeopardy!” and hopefully, the show brings more along those lines.

It’s Bill Whitaker’s turn at the guest-hosting spot currently, with Mayim Bialik set to take over next.