‘Jeopardy!’ Previews Long-Awaited Return With Ultimate Matt Amodio Hype Video

by Thad Mitchell

A brand new season of the hit game show “Jeopardy!” is just days away and for fans of the show that means the return of the long-reigning champion.

Realizing that have an emerging star on their hands, “Jeopardy!” is doing everything they can to promote Matt Amodio’s return. Using social media as its medium, the game show released a hype on Sunday for its brand new season.

“The new season starts in three days,” the Instagram post proclaims. “Who’s ready for Matt Amodio’s return to the Jeopardy! stage?”

“18-day champ Matt Amodio is back on Jeopardy! tomorrow to face off against two new contestants,” the tweet says.

Matt Amodio has become a household name for “Jeopardy!” watchers and he will look to add to his already impressive streak. Amodio exited last season with 18 straight wins and huge cash winnings. Now, game show lovers are wondering if the young Ivy League student can be stopped at all. There are few things in the game show world than a “Jeopardy!” champion riding a hot streak.

The show added even more people to its already enormous fan base due to Amodio’s play. With his subtle charm, unassuming nature, and superintelligence, the reigning champ has endeared himself to the show’s massive fan base. More and more people are tuning into the quiz show just to see how far the young contestant can take it. Many think he can rise to the level of past champions Ken Jennings, James Holhauer, and Brad Rutter. That remains to be seen but Amodio will certainly have a large cheering section when he appears on the show for its new season.

‘Jeopardy!’ Praises Returning Champion on Social Media

The short video that “Jeopardy!” share on Twitter, “Matt’s Stats,” show just how dominant Amodio has been in his run. He correctly answers questions he buzzes on at an absurd 91 percent of the time. During his 18-game streak, his average margin of victory is more than $23,000. The 18 wins give him the fifth-longest winning streak in “Jeopardy!” history. He is also the third highest-earning champion in the show existence with only game show legends Jennings and Holzhauer ahead of him. His total winning through his historic run adds to more than $574,000 and he isn’t done yet.

What is even more impressive is the fact that Amodio has yet to be truly challenged by other “Jeopardy! contestants. Each of his wins has come in convincing fashion and he rarely breaks a sweat in his victories. Will that change with a new season? Some fans say Amodio’s winning ways are destined to continue.

Though he currently has the fifth-longest winning streak, Amodio has a ways to go before catching Jennings at 74-straight wins. One thing is for sure and that is plenty of people will be tuning in to watch.