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‘Jeopardy!’: Question About Lucille Ball’s Son Connects to a Rock Legend

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo credit: Ron Batzdorff via Getty Images)

Does ELO equal Ball? Well, in this case it does on the legendary game show “Jeopardy!”

Last night (Feb. 18), guest game show host, Ken Jennings, recited the clue that went like this.

“Jef Lynne put ‘Telephone Line’ by this 3-letter band on the soundtrack of the film ‘Joyride,’ which starred Desi Arnaz Jr.

Apparently, none of the three contestants knew the answer. But that didn’t stop one member of the band from posting on social media. Jeff Lynne of the English rock band ELO, also known as Electric Light Orchestra, shared the clue and a little message.

“Who is… 🛸 Last night on @Jeopardy! Thank you, Mr. Trebek,” Lynn’s tweet reads.

The movie “Joyride,” was released in 1977, and not to be confused with the 2001 thriller that stars the late Paul Walker. The synopsis via IMDB reads, “Three teenagers leave Los Angeles and drive north to Alaska, wind up robbing a pipeline and taking one of the employee’s hostage.” Arnaz plays Scott, who is one of the main characters.

The movie does, in fact, include the song that Jeff Lynne wrote and recorded with his band ELO. There are also several other songs from the English rock group, like “Tightrope,” “Showdown,” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” just to name a few.

‘Jeopardy!’ Shares Secret About Alex Trebek

The world lost the legendary game show host, Alex Trebek, late last year. The producers of “Jeopardy!” have yet to name a permanent host. Therefore, in the meantime, a slew of guest hosts will be standing behind the podium, reading the questions that so many of us yell at the TV, trying to answer the question.

Trebek’s memory is one that we carry from our childhood, and perhaps one that we’ll pass down to the next generation. The show itself is keeping the legacy of one of the greatest game show hosts alive by sharing various facts about Trebek. The man wasn’t only smart, but extremely witty and well cultured. This latest tidbit of information about the only “Jeopardy!” host, up until his death, came to light.

“Alex was the rock star behind today’s ALPHABET ROCKERS & RAPPERS category, as seen from his handwritten note. Thank you, Alex,” the official Twitter account for “Jeopardy!” posts.

Fans of not only the game show but of Trebek’s, share their thoughts in the comments about the late “Jeopardy!” commander in chief. Trebek will never be replaced. However, read more here on the list of guests than plan on stepping behind the quiz show podium to conduct business.