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‘Jeopardy!’ References an All-Time Great Children’s Book for July 15 Final Clue

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Beck Starr/WireImage)

Some clue! Today’s Final Jeopardy! clue tested the competitors’ knowledge of classic children’s literature. For contestants familiar with animal-based books, winning the final round might have been their “hay” day.

The clue read: “Trying to emulate the title character, he fails and is told, “You lack the spinnerets, and you lack the know-how.”

Jeopardy!‘s Twitter gave followers another clue about the book, “Terrific. Radiant. Humble.”

Give up? The answer is “Wilbur” from Charlotte’s Web.

Published in 1952, the children’s book follows the story of a livestock pig named Wilbur whose life is spared thanks to some creative web spinnings from his friend, Charlotte.

Reading the clue this evening was guest-host, George Stephanopoulos, who started his week on Jeopardy! on Monday, July 12th.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Strike Out on Final Clue

If you didn’t get the answer right, the good news is you didn’t wager any money on it. Unfortunately, for today’s Jeopardy! contestants, theirs is another story.

Joining Stephanopoulos on the show were Tyler Vandenberg, Judith Pond and Andre Golovchenko. Vandenberg, a Marine officer from Washington, D.C., currently leads the game with a two-day winning streak and has a grand total of $41,400. He correctly answered the previous game’s final question involving a certain Disney duck and his nephew’s names.

At the start of tonight’s final round, Vandenberg had a hefty gain on his opponents with his $17,400. To his right, Pond had a respectable $10,800. Unfortunately, Golovchenko only had $100 to his name, giving him slim chances of winning the game from the start of the round.

As Stephanopoulos read the clues to the contestants, a shared look of uncertainty crossed their faces. While some clues take only seconds to answer, this one nearly took the entire allotted time for all the players to jot their guesses.

First to answer the question was Golovchenko, who only wrote question marks for his answer. Beside him, Ponds at least had a guess, “Pancho Villa.”

However, it’s possible Ponds misheard the question, as Pancho Villa was a guerrilla leader in the Mexican Revolution, not a children’s book character.

Finally, Stephanopoulos revealed the reigning champion’s answer, who surprisingly, also got the question wrong. Vandenberg wrote, “Oliver Twist” for his answer.

Unfortunately for the three contestants, the word “spinnerets” in the clue didn’t trigger any thoughts about spider webs. As a result, all three lost a substantial amount of money.

Golovchenko bet $97 and took second place in the game with three dollars. Pond wagered all of her money and ended with an empty bank. Vandenberg, who wagered $6,000, still managed to hold on to his victory with a remaining $11,400 left.

Perhaps in tomorrow’s game, there will be less clues about children’s book characters and more on cartoon characters.