‘Jeopardy!’: Remember When Late Host Alex Trebek Hilariously Came Out on Stage Without Pants

by Will Shepard

There have been some amazing moments on Jeopardy! throughout its history. There are feel-good moments, jaw-dropping ones, and downright hilarious ones. When Alex Trebek was hosting, the audience and contestants were always entertained.

One moment, in particular, stands out a little above the rest. It came during the 2005 season when interestingly, Ken Jennings was one of the contestants. Jerome Vered and Brad Rutter were the other contestants on the show for the day’s taping.

During the episode, Alex Trebek was firing on all cylinders. Apparently the tensions were running high among the contestants, so the legendary host decided to go without pants to start the show. Immediately everyone in the audience was howling laughing, as were the three participants.

Alex Trebek Walks Out on Stage Without His Pants On

Alex Trebek certainly knows how to work the crowd. This moment will stand the test of time as one of the most memorable from the show. There will likely never be a moment quite like this one. After Johnny Gilbert welcomes everyone to the show, the host walks out without his pants.

“Thank you, Johnny Gilbert!” Trebek said. “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our show. I was informed backstage a few minutes ago that our three contestants, Ken, Brad, and Jerome, wanted to relieve some of the tension, and they said we must do the program without trousers.”

“Now,” Trebek then continues. “Can we get a camera behind [them] to make sure that they have done the same as I?”

Of course, the camera pans to a shot of the three contestants’ backsides. The three men are wearing their pants, and Jerome says, “Oh here we go.” Alex Trebek sees this, and jokingly rolls his eyes at the fact he is the only one not wearing trousers.

He then promptly walks off stage, presumably to put his pants back on. The crowd and contestants laugh and clap as they watch the host spin and stroll away.

Alex Trebek’s antics are sorely missed by everyone who watches the show. Hopefully, in the future Jeopardy! fans will be able to see something like this again with a new host.