‘Jeopardy!’ Remembers Alex Trebek’s Trip To Galápagos in Pics Posing with the Wildlife

by Jonathan Howard

While the current news cycle around Jeopardy! has been a bit depressing, not all is lost. Ken Jennings is the next man up to host, according to reports. The producers of the show are attempting to correct their bad decision. Also, the Jeopardy! Instagram page is sharing throwbacks of Alex Trebek.

Over the course of his career as host of the greatest trivia game on television, Alex Trebek went to some interesting places. One of the coolest trips that he took had to be when he visited the Galápagos Islands. Everyone knows about Charles Darwin’s trip to the islands and how impactful they were on his research. So, of course, Trebek had to make the venture and see what it was all about.

With the simple caption, “This Galápagos trip was wild,” the three photos captured Trebek interacting with animals on the island and enjoying time out on the water. It was great to see pictures of a smiling Trebek and fans seemed to love the photos.

What is Next for Jeopardy!

As far as the current Jeopardy! situation goes, the producers seem to be getting back on the right track. With the fallout of Mike Richards as host, fans have been left wondering what the next step is for the show. Currently, according to reports, Ken Jennings is the next man up. It is his job to lose and Mayim Bialik will fill in in the meantime.

As for the shows that Richards has already recorded, those will air on television. So, expect to see Richards on your screen for at least a few episodes while Matt Amodio tries to continue his streak of winning. Fans are just eager to return to some sense of normalcy. Hopefully, a stable host is found and the show can go on without issue. There have been a number of guest hosts that would have made great permanent hosts.

If it is true that Ken Jennings is the next to be host, then fans should be very excited. There are few that respect and revere Jeopardy! in the way that Jennings does. As the undisputed GOAT of contestants, it just makes sense to have him replace Trebek. He has hosted on a number of occasions now and has the timing down. With all the focus on hosts, it is unfortunate that guests are not being centered currently. However, that should change if and when Jennings takes control.