‘Jeopardy!’ Reveals First Look at Aaron Rodgers’ Opening Monologue on First Night as Guest Host

by Josh Lanier

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said winning Celebrity Jeopardy! and sharing a stage with Alex Trebek ranks amongst his greatest accomplishments. The show released the Super Bowl MVP’s opening monologue ahead of his first night as guest host of the show where he pays tribute to the game show legend.

“As a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! it is an incredible honor to guest host,” Rodgers said. “Now, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of amazing things, but winning Celebrity Jeopardy! and getting to share the stage with the legend Alex Trebek is something I will never forget. Alex was such a gentleman, so smart, so precise, I was in awe. And I will work hard to honor his legacy.”

Rodgers is the fifth guest host since Alex Trebek passed away in October of pancreatic cancer. Rodgers follows former contestant Ken Jennings, executive producer Mike Richards, journalist Katie Couric and Dr. Mehmet Oz as host.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitakers, TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie, actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta will also guest host the show.

Rodgers won Celebrity Jeopardy! in 2015 and earned $50,000 for a charity dedicated to childhood cancer research.

Aaron Rodgers Promises ‘Jeopardy!’ in Good Hands

During an interview with ESPN, Rodgers said one of his main goals as Jeopardy! guest host is to honor Alex Trebek and protect his legacy. Trebek hosted the show for 37 years. He was hosting the show before Rodgers was born. So, the Packers QB knows he has some big shoes to fill.

“I felt like the best way to honor Alex’s memory was to be so dialed in and so ready,” Rodgers said to ESPN. He added that a head producer on the show told him she was ‘so appreciative” of his approach.’ “I was ready to rock and roll,” Rodgers added.

Rodgers is taking his two weeks guest hosting as seriously as he does his day job, by watching game footage and breaking things down.

“I watched hours and hours and hours of episodes,” Aaron Rodgers said. “Luckily Netflix has a few seasons, and I went back to DVR. But I had to watch from a different perspective — from Alex’s perspective. I couldn’t watch it as a fan anymore.”

He continued, “I took pages and pages and pages of notes. I wrote down every affirmative that he said to any type of clue. I wrote down how he would respond if they didn’t get it right. Literally, I studied for this like no other. I wanted to absolutely just crush it.”

The quarterback will be supporting the North Valley Community Foundation in Chico, California, his hometown. As with the other celebrity guest hosts, the show will match the winnings of the contestants.

Couric raised $230,000 for her charity Stand Up To Cancer. Dr. Oz raised $268,000 for Healthcorps, Inc.