‘Jeopardy!’: Robin Roberts Reveals If She Was Nervous to Guest Host the Game Show

by Megan Molseed
‘Jeopardy!’: Robin Roberts Nervous to Guest Host the Game Show

“Was I nervous,” laughed upcoming “Jeopardy!” guest host Robin Roberts.

“Did you hear that?” the broadcast journalist added when asked whether or not she was nervous about taking over the”Jeopardy!” hosting gig during her July 19 through July 23 guest-hosting run.

Earlier this month, when the “Good Morning America” anchor’s cohost was preparing for his own guest-hosting run on the hit game show, Robin Roberts discussed on-air how she would be nervous stepping up to the iconic “Jeopardy!” host platform.

“You told me first that you were nervous when I wasn’t nervous – you were so right to be nervous,” Roberts cohost George Stephanopoulos said during a recent “Good Morning America” segment. “You made me nervous when you said you were nervous. And you don’t know the half of it.”

“Jeopardy!” Guest Host Honored By the Experience

While”Jeopardy!” guest host, Robin Roberts was nervous to fill the role, it was an experience she was honored to have.

“But it’s great, you know? To have those butterflies,” Robin Roberts said.

“Everyone here made me feel right at home,” the anchor continued. “But yeah, I was a little nervous.”

In preparation for her “Jeopardy!” hosting tenure, Robin Roberts has now named the charity organization that will benefit from her run as host.

Since longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek’s death last fall, the popular game show has invited many guest hosts to take over as host. A permanent host will likely be named later this year.

As each new guest host steps into the role, they pick a charity in which they would like to benefit from the run. The game show then matches the total contestant winnings and donates that amount.

Robin Roberts Picks Charity That Is Dear to Her Heart

For her charity of choice, Robin Roberts named “Be The Match.” The organization fights to cure cancers of the blood. This is a charity that the broadcasting journalist holds close to her heart, as she herself battled such an illness in 2012 after aggressive treatments to battle breast cancer left her with the rare blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome.

Roberts recorded each one of the episodes in one day, all of which are set to air this week.

“Who wouldn’t want to guest host “Jeopardy!”?” the anchor asked. “It was a great honor, I couldn’t say no!”

So far, the iconic game show’s guest hosts have included “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik, pro-footballer Aaron Rodgers, Savannah Guthrie, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, and more.

Upcoming “Jeopardy!” guest hosts include LeVar Burton and David Faber.