‘Jeopardy!’: Robin Roberts Says Guest Hosting the Game Show Was a ‘Bucket List’ Item

by Josh Lanier

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts said there was no way she was going to say no to hosting Jeopardy! when they called. She said hosting the game show was on her “bucket list” and she wouldn’t dream of turning it down.

“Who wouldn’t want to guest host Jeopardy!?” she asked during her interview with Jeopardy! producers. “It’s on the ‘bucket list,’ you go ‘check.’ It was a great honor, and I couldn’t say no. Didn’t want to say no.”

But she also wanted to stress she feels the gravity of this moment. She took part in Celebrity Jeopardy!, she’d met Alex Trebek several times. So, she wants to make sure she channels him during her week at what was his podium for 37 years. Trebek died late last year.

“I just want to bring a little bit of Alex, just a little bit,” she said of Trebek. “Can’t be him, no one can be him, but I just want to bring a little spirit that he brought each and every time he was here in this studio.”

She said it was also an honor to be in the company of the other guest hosts, which have included Aaron Rodgers, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, and many others.

“Being the host, being the one behind the podium… knowing all of the guest hosts that have been there but more importantly knowing the man behind that podium for all those years and to now stand there… it’s something that I will not forget ever,” she shared.

Roberts to Benefit Life Saving Group on ‘Jeopardy!’

Each Jeopardy! guest host chooses a charity they wish to highlight during their time at the lectern. Roberts chose Be The Match, a group that houses a bone marrow registry that can be used to treat blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

“A stem cell transplant saved my life in 2012,” Roberts said. “Grateful that my sister was the donor, [because] so many times that is not the case. People think a family member, it’s automatic — it doesn’t happen but 30% of the time. So 70% of the time, you need someone off a registry like Be The Match.”

She’ll have to compete against her Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos who raised big money for his charity of choice last week: No Kid Hungry.

“$147,396 donated to @nokidhungry,” read a Friday evening “Jeopardy!” Tweet marking the end of the host’s run. “Thanks to @GStephanopoulos’s appearance as guest host!”

“We want to make sure that every kid in America doesn’t go to bed hungry and doesn’t wake up hungry,” Stephanopoulos has said about his charity choice.

The This Week host only had a week at Jeopardy!, but was on pace to unseat the most money raised by a guest host. Dr. Mehmet Oz, who hosted for two weeks, holds that title by raising $268,701 for Health Corps.