‘Jeopardy!’: Robin Roberts Says Alex Trebek’s ‘Spirit’ Feels ‘Present’ on Set Ahead of Final Night Guest Hosting

by Clayton Edwards

Fans loved Robin Roberts’ stint as Jeopardy!‘s latest guest-host. She has years of experience in front of the camera. Most know her best as the co-host of Good Morning America. So, that was part of what made her so right for the job. However, that was only part of it. The thing that endeared her to fans and contestants alike was her deep respect for the late Alex Trebek. She didn’t have to talk much about it. The way she conducted herself from behind the lectern as well as her interactions with contestants proved it. Roberts knows that no one will ever be able to fill Trebek’s shoes. However, that didn’t stop her from trying.

Tonight is Robin Roberts’ last night hosing the iconic quiz show. However, she isn’t leaving without some parting words. Jeopardy!‘s official Instagram profile shared a video of Roberts looking back on her stint as a guest-host. Instead of talking about her experience, she focused on the spirit of Alex Trebek and how it is still present on the set.

Robin Roberts started by saying that she had a great respect for Alex Trebek before she ever stepped up behind the host’s lectern. However, she said that her respect has grown over the course of her stint as guest host. About her time on the set, she said, “It has exceeded what I thought of [Trebek].” Roberts went on to say that she started the week saying that Alex Trebek’s spirit was “still very present,” on the set. She said that is because the entire Jeopardy! crew carries on the late host’s legacy. At the same time, they carry on his love of the viewers as well as the contestants.

What Do Jeopardy! Fans Think of Robin Roberts?

Jeopardy! fans are an opinionated bunch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contestant or guest-host, they are quick to take to the internet and speak their minds. For instance, when Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen were competing on the show, many people took time out of their day to throw shade at them. Likewise, when Mehemet Oz was guest-host, many fans said they would stop watching the show until he was gone.

As you would expect, fans have been talking about Robin Roberts all week. However, the response to her hosting stint has been overwhelmingly positive. Even some fans who have been hard on other guest hosts have said that Roberts is one of the best the show has had since Alex Trebek’s passing last year. She brings a warm authenticity to the show as well as a deep respect for the show as well as Trebek. So, it’s easy to see why the fans love her.

The question of who will take over the permanent hosting slot is still up in the air. Jeopardy! showrunners might make the decision as soon as next month. After this week, it looks like Robin Roberts is definitely in the running for the position, if the fans have any say in the matter.