‘Jeopardy!’: Savannah Guthrie’s Guest Hosting Debut Coincides With Incredible TV Career Milestone

by Josh Lanier

As TODAY show co-host Savannah Guthrie was preparing for her Jeopardy! episodes, she had already set another television milestone. Guthrie celebrated 10 years on the NBC morning show earlier this month, giving her one of the longest tenures of the popular wake-up broadcast.

As a celebration, her children and husband surprised her on the June 7th episode of the TODAY show, which marked her anniversary.

Guthrie will host Jeopardy! through June 25. Fans have had a mostly positive reaction to her turn behind the lectern so far. And her TODAY show family has been supportive as well. She even gave the morning show a behind-the-scenes look at how Jeopardy! is produced.

Guthrie has said she wouldn’t want the full-time hosting job at Jeopardy! And hearing her colleagues explain how beloved she is at the TODAY show, it’s easy to see why she’d want to stay put.

“I knew I’d like her, but I didn’t know I’d love her.” Hota Kotb said, according to Popculture.com. “No one covers breaking news like she does.”

“People underestimate Savannah, and they do so at their own peril,” Al Roker remarked, as well.

She has become one of the show’s go-to interviewers in recent years. She most famously had a contentious interview with then-President Donald Trump last year.

The family of slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller chose Guthrie to give an interview. “Who do you choose to share that story with, and you choose someone where you feel totally loved and safe, and they chose Savannah,” Kotb noted.

Her 10 years on the show puts her behind Matt Lauer (20 years, 10 months), Katie Couric (15 years), Bryant Gumbel (15 years), and Jane Pauley (13 years).

Guthrie Doesn’t Want Full-Time ‘Jeopardy’ Gig

The reception to Guthrie’s tenure at the game show has been mostly positive so far.

Savannah Guthrie, you are doing such a great job,” another fan of the show tweets. Jeopardy! you might want to hire her full time!”

Her natural ability to interact with people, something she picked up as a journalist has also helped her with contestants.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” a Jeopardy! fan wrote on social media. “Very natural and her interactions with and interest in the contestants seems genuine.”

But Guthrie doesn’t want the Jeopardy! job. She said previously she’s doing this as a way to honor the late host Alex Trebek and raise money for The Bowery Mission. Plus, she said the pressure on whoever takes that job would be immense.

“Alex was not only legendary in how he did it, but he was also legendary in how he conducted himself off-air and the family that he created. [He was] such a revered figure,” Guthrie said. “So, stepping into Alex’s shoes won’t be easy, but I think they’ve got some really good candidates. I’m not going to name names.”