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‘Jeopardy!’ Says ‘Ew, David!’ with Clip of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Clue and Answer

by Quentin Blount
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Just a day out from celebrating Earth Day, one of our favorite television game shows, Jeopardy!, shared a clip from the popular Netflix sitcom, Schitt’s Creek.

In a recent Jeopardy! episode, one contestant decides to go with “Supporting TV Characters” for $600.

“In 2020, this actor was all over the Emmy cast, including accepting his own for the supporting role of David Rose,” the host reads.

Another Jeopardy! contestant, Kimberly, quickly answers the question with, “Who is Dan Levy?” Dan Levy, of course, not only starred as David in the show, he also co-created it.

Meanwhile, the official Jeopardy! Twitter account shared a clip of the Schitt’s Creek clue and answer in a post on Friday.

“Ew, David! @danjlevy” the official Jeopardy page wrote alongside the clip.

“Ew, David!” is a popular line that Schitt’s Creek fans know quite well. The phrase is infamously said by David’s sister in the show, Alexis (played by Annie Murphy). Although Alexis says “Ew” all the time, it’s the phrase “Ew, David!” that most fans know as one of the most memorable lines from Schitt’s Creek.

In fact, a wide variety of merchandise has been made thanks to the popular phrase. Some of the items being sold on Amazon include face masks, t-shirts, and mugs.

Levy has mentioned in the past that fans are quick to shout the iconic line whenever they see him.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they’re screaming at me as a person or me as a character,” Levy told Elite Daily. “Do I wish that I had picked a word other than ‘ew’ to describe me? Uhhhh, maybe? But at the same time, the way that Annie owned that term, I would not trade for anything. So I take it as a loving compliment.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Coins Most Memorable Line from ‘Schitt’s Creek’

The cast and crew from Schitt’s Creek had no idea just how big their catchphrase would become. And there’s no way they could have ever imagined that it would be used in a Jeopardy! tweet one day.

It’s the way that actress Annie Murphy says the line that is what makes it so memorable.

“I started saying David in a very peculiar way, without really realizing it,” the actress told Refinery29. “It didn’t quite feel right, but you slap an ‘ew’ in front of that and something just clicks. Something just makes sense. Now, it’s everywhere. It’s on welcome mats, t-shirts, and Christmas tree ornaments… It’s out of control!”

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