‘Jeopardy!’ Says ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ in ‘Toy Story’ Themed Question

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Disney and Pixar trivia took place on the stage of Jeopardy! last night. The game show featured a Toy Story question.

The Jeopardy! question reads, “A character who was going to be called ‘Lunar Larry’ became him, inspired by the name of a real person.” Diehard fans of the film series obviously knew that the answer was none other than Buzz Lightyear.

Fans took to Twitter to answer the question. One stating, “Lunar Larry? Haha, sounds like something out of DC or Marvel Comics. The question of course, is Who is Buzz Lightyear? Named after Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, 2nd man to walk on the Moon.” Another fan also answers, “Who is Woody’s best friend? Would have been another way to get the same answer.”

Savannah Guthrie Hits the Jeopardy! Stage For Guest Hosting Duties 

Journalist and TV personality Savannah Guthrie took over guest hosting duties on Jeopardy! earlier this week. Her first night hosting was met with praises from the show’s fans. One of the contestants praised Savannah by tweeting, “Now I can reveal that my guest host was the gracious, fantastic @SavannahGuthrie! I was originally scheduled to be on last year w Alex so wondered how it would feel, but she nailed it.”

“Savannah Guthrie, you are doing such a great job,” one fan of the show tweeted encouraged the show to hire her full time. Another fan then adds, “I was pleasantly surprised. Very natural and her interactions with and interest in the contestants seems genuine.”

Although she was honored to be selected as guest host, Guthrie says she’s not necessarily interested in the full-time hosting gig. “Alex was not only legendary in how he did it, but he was also legendary in how he conducted himself off-air and the family that he created. [He was] such a revered figure,” the Today co-host recently shared. “So, stepping into Alex’s shoes won’t be easy, but I think they’ve got some really good candidates. I’m not going to name names.”

Who Has Guest Hosted Jeopardy! So Far?

Guest hosts were lined up for Jeopardy! after the hit game show’s longtime host, Alex Trebek, passed away from cancer in November 2020. Among those selected for guest duties were 60 Minutes and ABC News correspondent Katie Couric, talk show host Dr. Oz, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik, and 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker. Former Jeopardy! contestants Buzzy Cohen and Ken Jennings were also on stage for guest duties. 

Savannah is set to remain guest host of Jeopardy! until Friday, June 25th. Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be next to take over the hosting duties. Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts will also be guest hosting later this summer along with former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton.