‘Jeopardy!’ Season 38 Promo Has Fans Weighing in on Mike Richards, Matt Amodio

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Daytime Emmy Awards 2021 via Getty Images)

The newest promo commercial for Season 38 of Jeopardy! just released over the weekend, and fans have sounded off on disgraced host Mike Richards and current champion Matt Amodio.

On Sunday afternoon, Fox68 in Syracuse shared Jeopardy!‘s most recent promotional commercial. The local television channel posted the promo for the new season to their Facebook account. Following the turmoil within the game show in recent weeks, it’s nice to be getting back to the game itself.

In fact, the short 10-second commercial focuses entirely on the new season’s contestants. Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune executive producer turned host Mike Richards is nowhere to be seen in the promo. Neither is any other host that may have taped episodes so far.

When Sony Pictures named Richards as Alex Trebek’s permanent replacement, controversy soon followed. He didn’t last long in the position before stepping down, but he did record one days worth of tapings. Jeopardy! films five episodes during each day of tapings. Therefore Richards only worked one whole day as the game show’s full-time host before backlash led to his ousting.

Jeopardy! execs have already announced that they will air his five episodes to start off the new season. At the end of Season 37, contestant Matt Amodio completed an 18-game win streak. Therefore he will remain the current and defending champion going into next season. The continued win streak places Amodio in rare company. Yet with so much controversy surrounding Richards’ exit, fans are eagerly awaiting the next episodes.

“The wait is almost over,” Fox68 Syracuse shared on Facebook. “A new season of Jeopardy! begins Monday September 13th only on #fox68syracuse!”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to the New Season 38 Promo

Numerous Jeopardy! fans posted their reactions to the Season 38 promo on Reddit yesterday. In a post titled “The first promo for Season 38 has dropped!” several people commented on Mike Richards’ exit and Matt Amodio’s win streak. Many fans are simply ready for the mess that has been the Richards hire to be done and over with.

“Matt is the only thing getting me thru this mess LOL,” one Reddit user posted.

“I hope Matt continues, it’s really the only thing worth cheering for right now,” another commenter said.

“Just let Matt host himself. He’ll be there for a while,” a third amusingly wrote, confident Amodio would keep his win streak alive.

Other Jeopardy! fans are looking forward to seeing how Richards performs as host during the five episodes. Especially since the allegations against him for past inappropriate comments had already resurfaced. The weight of his actions and the uncertainty of his future sat squarely on his shoulders while he manned the podium as host.

“I definitely want to watch for Matt, but I want to see Mike’s nervousness. I’m sure they’ll edit it the best they can, but reading the articles about his one taping day I feel like it’s going to be like watching a car crash, lmao,” a Reddit user wrote.

Another fan made fun of the promo and Mike Richards’ unceremonious exit from the game show.

“‘Watch disgraced former host and Executive Producer Mike Richards on his one and only week’ just didn’t have a nice ring to it I guess,” they wrote on Reddit.

After weeks of speculation, and a roller coaster ride of hirings and firings, fans are surely just ready to get back to the Jeopardy! they know and love. The popular game show will return for Season 38 on Monday, September 13.