’Jeopardy!’: The Show Shoots on the Same Lot as an All-Time Classic Movie

by Will Shepard

Jeopardy! is one of the most recognizable game shows on the planet, if not the most famous. The inner workings of the show are fascinating. There is a lot that goes into making the show so incredible.

One thing about the show that stands out is that Jeopardy! is filmed in the same location every time. Unlike other shows, like Wheel of Fortune, the legendary game show is filmed at exactly the spot and time every week.

Jeopardy! films every episode of every season on the Sony Pictures lot. Moreover, the show films in the same spot that a seminal movie was shot in 1939. The Wizard of Oz was shot in the same lot where the famous game show has been shooting its episodes.

“Jeopardy!” Films in the Same Spot on Sony Pictures’ Lot for Every Show

There really is no place like home when it comes to the Jeopardy! set. The game show and the movie have a lot in common with each other, specifically the tight time frames.

The Wizard of Oz was filmed in just six months which is an incredible feat for a movie in technicolor in the late 1930s. As many Jeopardy! fans know, the show films all of the week’s episodes in a single day.

However, it hasn’t always been filmed on the Sony Pictures lot in California. In 1964, the show began taping in New York City in Rockefeller Plaza at Studio 6A. This was when Art Fleming was at the helm. Then, in 1978, the show made its first move. The first season of The All-New Jeopardy!  was being filmed in Studio 3 at NBC’s Burbank Studios in California.

When Alex Trebek began hosting the show in 1984, the show was originally coming from Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. But, after only a year at that location, Jeopardy! began filming at Stage 1 in Hollywood Center Studios.

In 1994, during Season 10, the show began filming at Stage 10 of Sony Pictures Studios. After finishing the season, Jeopardy! realized that this was the perfect home for the game show. So, ever since then, the show has stayed in Culver City, California.