‘Jeopardy!’ Star Ken Jennings Thinks He’d Be Accepted ‘Member’ of Iconic 1980s James Cameron Film

by Jon D. B.

Oh, Ken. Never stop never stopping. In his latest tweet, the Jeopardy! icon says he’s “certain” he would’ve been a “valued member” of James Cameron’s The Abyss crew.

In a tragic, post-Alex-Trebek world, where would we be without Ken Jennings? While there are a handful of exceptional options for the late legend’s permanent Jeopardy! replacement (we’re looking at you LeVar Burton), Outsiders are definitely hoping to see Jennings take the podium full-time. He is, after all, every bit the pop culture connoisseur his mentor was.

If you follow Jennings on Twitter, then you know this to be the case, too. With his latest bout of proof, the Jeopardy! All-Time-Champ posts a hysterical tongue-in-cheek self-observation.

“I’ve always felt certain that I would be accepted by, and even become a valued member of, the hard-living undersea oil rig crew in The Abyss,” Jennings hilariously tweets Friday evening.

‘Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings: Pop Culture Mastermind

While this one may be a bit more obscure for newer (see: young’ins) Jeopardy! fans, longtime fans will remember James Cameron’s 1989 undersea epic: The Abyss.

Not to be confused with his more recent documentary, Ghosts of The Abyss, The Abyss focus on a civilian diving team that’s enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine. Once they get into said abyss, however, the civilians come face to face with an alien aquatic species…

Sounds oh-so-very James Cameron, doesn’t it? Ken Jennings thinks so, and feels he’d be right at home with crewmembers Bud, Lindsay, and Catfish.

Jennings’ long-time Jeopardy! cohort, Buzzy Cohen, however, says “You always struck me as more of a member of the tough-as-nails oil rig crew from Armageddon…”

Space with Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis? Count us in, too, Ken.

“Dunno. I think he’s more a ragtag Sherman tanker looking for bouillon,” Austin Tyler Rogers counters with a solid Time Bandit reference.

And Then There’s STAR WARS

In addition to James Cameron’s sci-fi repertoire, Jennings is also a massive STAR WARS fan. Though, to be fair, who isn’t? Don’t answer that if you aren’t. It’s rhetorical, and the galaxy has harsh consequences for non-believers.

One of the Jeopardy! champs other late tweets is such proof in the pop culture pudding. Hitting his followers with a “fun fact,” Ken let “Jeopardy!” buffs in on a little-known factoid that’s sure to come in handy for the game show down the line:

“Fun fact, when A Tribe Called Quest said “Get the Force like Wan Kenobi,” that was actually correct. Obi-Wan’s closest friends call him “Wan,” we just never saw that in any of the movies,” Jennings posts, tongue-in-cheek.

When you’re a Jedi Master, even just “Wan” sounds cool. Especially if Ken Jennings posts it to Twitter like the glorious, non-combative troll he is.

Good times, Ken. Here’s to hoping they continue for many decades to come with you as the new Jeopardy! host.