‘Jeopardy!’ Star Ken Jennings Laments ‘Tragedy’ That ‘It’s Too Late to Digitally Insert Christopher Plummer’ into Beloved Comedy

by Will Shepard

Ken Jennings continues to have fun with comedy and fans, this time offering up a perfect tweet to his followers. The “Greatest of All Time” Jeopardy! player has been lighting Twitter on fire lately.

His tweets are almost somehow always excellent. Ken Jennings will make you think incredibly hard or give you a fact that is so incredibly obvious that you’re not sure how you missed it. Lately, he has been offering brain busters, like what rhymes aliens might be asking of their abductees.

That is certainly the case with his tweet from today, March 5, about the Mr. Show with Bob and David. He says that it’s a shame that Christopher Plummer wasn’t able to be involved with the 1990s show.

Ken Jennings Says That Christopher Plummer Would Have Been Great in “Mr. Show With Bob and Dave”

Ken Jennings always seems to have a bright original opinion with his tweets, and people seem to love it. The Mr. Show with Bob and Dave was likely well ahead of its time. The show began in 1995 with two stars, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, as the show’s leads. The two actors are also responsible for creating the show.

Mr. Show with Bob and Dave is entirely organic, yet only lasted until 1998. The series is a collection of hilarious comedy sketches about current events. The show covers politics, religion, and popular culture while still maintaining its hilarity. The show also features other comedians that include Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

It seems that Ken Jennings’ assessment that Christopher Plummer would have been perfect for this show. Even though he was never in the show, his dry sense of humor likely would have gelled incredibly well with the other actors.

Every episode is a unique sketch, fitting somewhere between the Monty Python, SNL, and other comedic shows. While each episode is different, they are all interconnected somehow.

Ken Jennings makes a valid point saying that Christopher Plummer would have been a great fit on the show. But, unfortunately, the great actor passed away last month.