‘Jeopardy!’ Star Ken Jennings Hilariously Responds to Michael Caine’s Call to Action

by Jon D. B.

Much like Alex Trebek before him, interim ‘Jeopardy!’ host Ken Jennings is a great sport with an even better sense of humor. And he’s proving it once again with the perfect retweet of legendary actor Michael Caine’s call-to-action.

“Take your Vaccine, be safe,” veteran performer Michael Caine tells his fans & followers via Twitter. The beloved actor is the latest in a long line of celebrity advocates urging the public to receive their COVID vaccination when possible.

And then there’s Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings. The interim host, always down for a bit of fun, responds in the most tongue-in-cheek way possible. Quite literally, in fact.

“Impossible not to read this in his voice,” he retweets.

Too true, Ken, too true.

Much like his Dark Knight co-star Morgan Freeman, it is impossible not to read anything Michael Caine types without hearing his distinct, iconic voice and accent.

Now, if you didn’t scroll down and do it the first time, re-read this pair of tweets:

You’re welcome.

Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings Has Mastered Twitter

This is far from Jennings’ first excellent tweet, too. The interim ‘Jeopardy!’ host often shares excellent quips of his own, alongside tidbits from the show as he hosts. And he’s never afraid to turn his sense of humor in on himself, either. Recently, he did just this to laud himself for attempting to tackle a signature word pronunciation of the late Alex Trebek.

Know which word we’re talking about already? Sharp ‘Jeopardy!’ fans just might. Much like Trebek’s beloved catchphrase, “Good for you,” there’s one word the host never failed to give his signature flair to. And on the latest episode, interim host and Trebek protege, Ken Jennings, is giving it a shot for the first time:

“I take a whack at saying “genre” on today’s @Jeopardy. Hope I did all right for my first time…” Jennings posts to Twitter. Within, he retweets the phenomenal montage of Trebek pronouncing ‘genre’ during his ‘Jeopardy!’ tenure.

The montage comes courtesy of fellow champion Alex Jacob. Jacob is a ‘Jeopardy!’ All-Star, 2015 Tournament of Champions winner, and 2006 ESPN US Poker Champ. What a rep! In his own words, Jacob “spent way too much time putting together this video of Alex Trebek saying the word “genre,” so now you have to RT it. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

Looks like Ken Jennings plays by the rules! But we knew that already.

So what’s up with Alex Trebek’s unique pronunciation of ‘genre’? Most likely, 99% of English speakers are saying it wrong – and Trebek is saying it right!

To find out why, head over to ‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Reveals Which Classic Alex Trebek Word He Tried to Get Right in Latest Episode next!

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