‘Jeopardy’ Teases Surprise Appearance from Sting

by Suzanne Halliburton

Jeopardy fans, be sure to watch Thursday for a category devoted to a rock star. All the answers will be about Sting. Of course, we’ll tune in. Cause the question is “what is a true rock star.”

The official Twitter account posted:

“Be still our beating heart. Tune in tomorrow for a whole category from iconic musician STING!”

And the Jeopardy account included a video clip from Sting, himself. He’d written a song about Jeopardy. Of course he’d do that. He’s Sting and is responsible for some of the best songs in rock history.

The song:

“Of all the things in my CV, everything in life from A to Z. But how I wished my maw could see, here I am on Jeopardy. Here I am on Jeopardy.”

Take a look:

Sting even threw in an acronym that could easily make it as a Jeopardy question. Did you know that CV stands for Curriculum Vitae? Or, let’s rephrase in the form of a question. What is shorthand for the Latin term meaning course of life.

Sting can use the Jeopardy attention to help promote his new album — Duets. He teased that on his Twitter account, Wednesday. He posted: “Duets is coming this Friday 19 March on CD and vinyl. I can’t wait to share this collection of some of my favourite duets with you.”

Jeopardy — We Have Some Sting Suggestions

So, let’s think of some factoids Jeopardy could use about Sting. But we’ll do it in the form of questions.

What are 17. That’s how many Grammys Sting has won as a solo artist or as lead singer and bassist for the Police.

What is 20,000. That’s how many breaths an average human takes in a day. Sting and the Police released Every Breath You Take back in 1983. It was the top song that year as judged by the Billboard 100 and the Grammys. It’s estimated that the song represented up to a third of Sting’s total income. And in 2019, BMI said it was the most played song in radio history. In hindsight, the song is about what we’d now call a stalker. Sting wrote it after his marriage to his first wife broke up and he began dating her friend.

Who is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. That’s Sting’s given name. He said no one in his family ever called him Gordon, even his mother.

What is a bee. Sting used to wear a black and yellow jumpsuit. His bandmates thought he looked like a bee or a wasp, in other words, a nasty, flying creature with a stinger. So they started calling him by the nickname Sting.

Who Was Roxanne? And What Was Her Role In Hit Song?

Who is the woman in Sting’s first hit song with the Police. She’s Roxanne and she was a prostitute. Sting’s song Roxanne is about a man who falls in love with a prostitute. Sting said he was inspired by watching the sex workers hanging outside his cheap hotel when the Police first performed in Paris. This was circa 1977. Roxanne also was the name of a character in the play Cyrano de Bergerac. A poster for Cyrano was hanging in the hotel lobby.

And what is the line “I want my MTV.” That’s what Sting sang in the Dire Straits song, Money for Nothing.

So, you’re caught up on Sting trivia just in case you need the answers while you’re watching Thursday’s episode.