‘Jeopardy!’ Tests Fans’ Knowledge of Broadway Musicals with Tricky Post

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

On Friday night, Jeopardy!‘s Instagram account shared some clues based on Broadway musicals to test fans’ knowledge of the subject.

“Think you know your Broadway musicals? See if you can name them from just their opening numbers!” Jeopardy! asked its fans and followers on Instagram.

The game show shared the category “BROADWAY MUSICALS BY OPENING NUMBERS” with its fans. They then proceeded to share five clues where they only gave you the opening song for each musical. The first one started out fairly easy with “ARABIAN NIGHTS.” Of course, many will recognize the famous song from the Disney movie turned Broadway musical Aladdin.

But then they started to get a bit harder. Next up is “A CINEMA IN BUENOS AIRES; JULY 26, 1952.” Madonna fans may know this one since she played the lead role in the 1996 movie adaptation of the musical Evita.

The third clue is “I HOPE I GET IT,” which may be a bit more obscure for some fans. Ironically enough, the opening number is a ten-minute sequence based on dancers trying out for a Broadway musical. It’s the beginning to the 1975 musical A Chorus Line.

Next, we have “GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE.” Fans may not know the song title, but will surely know the movie and its subsequent Broadway musical. The song opens the 2002 musical Hairspray.

Finally, the last Jeopardy! clue is “OPENING (RUNYONLAND) BY THE ENSEMBLE.” This opening number comes from a classic Broadway musical that dates back more than 70 years. The number is part of the 1950 Tony Award-winning musical Guys and Dolls.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Racks Up Major Winnings During Game Show Debut

Unfortunately, even if you got all five of those Jeopardy! clues correct you’d have nothing to show for it except bragging rights. Yet if you put those trivia skills to the test on the game show you could’ve racked up some good money. In fact, Algonquin, Illinois librarian Jen Jazwinski took home a huge sum of money on Thursday’s episode.

On July 8, Jazwinski defeated the defending champion Nikole Villanueva. The new champion earned a solid $42,001 after finishing strong in the “Final Jeopardy!” category. She faced a final clue in the “MUSICAL LANDMARKS” category. The clue read, “A cleft in limestone in England sheltered Reverend Augustus Toplady from a storm and inspired this popular hymn.”

Jazwinski earned $26,600 during the first two rounds of the game show. She wagered $15,401 after seeing the category. At first, the Jeopardy! contestant wrote down “What is The Solid Rock?” as her answer. However, she quickly crossed that answer out and went with “Rock of Ages” instead.

Defending Jeopardy! champ Villanueva wagered $4,000 of her $16,000 earned so far in the final round. But her “What is Amazing Grace?” answer was incorrect and dropped her total to $12,000. Luckily for Jazwinski, Villanueva’s answer was wrong and hers was right.

If Jazwinski would’ve gone with her first answer, she would’ve dropped down to $11,199. That total would give Villanueva her second win by only $801. Instead, Jazwinki’s quick thinking and second answer just in time gave her a huge victory. The contestant became a Jeopardy! champion and earned an impressive $42,001 for her efforts.