‘Jeopardy!’ Thanks Critics Choice Awards for Honoring Late Host Alex Trebek With Impact Award

by Halle Ames

“Jeopardy!” took to social media to thank the Critics Choice Awards for honoring the late game show host Alex Trebek with the Impact Award. 

Even after Alex Trebek’s death, he is still making an impact and winning awards for it as well.

Unfortunately, the beloved “Jeopardy!” host for more than 36 years lost a nearly 18 month battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. All the while he was battling the challenging disease, Trebek would appear on the game show with nothing but smiles for the contestants. He was 80 years old upon his death in November of 2020. 

At the 2021 Critics Choice Award, they wanted to honor the legend with a special trophy, one for his lasting impact on the world, even long after his death. “Jeopardy!’s” Twitter account thank the award show for honoring their beloved host. 

“Thank you to The @CriticsChoice Real TV Awards for honoring Alex Trebek with the Impact Award, recognizing him for career excellence, and the positive impact he made on the world. We’re also excited to win Best Game Show for the third year in a row!” 

Fans flooded into the comment section to share their continual mourning for Alex Trebek.

“Even though I’m enjoying the guest hosts, especially @buzztronics. I get sad every day when I watch Jeopardy because I miss Alex Trebek.” 

Previous “Jeopardy!” host and contestant Buzzy Cohen even commented below with one simple acronym to explain what Alex Trebek is. “GOAT. ” 

Moving Words for Alex Trebek

The Critics Choice Award also wrote a lengthy tribute to Trebek. They highlighted some accolades the host has acquired over the years. 

“Mr. Trebek and his legacy epitomize what the Impact Award was created to honor. His longstanding commitment to the pursuit of excellence, his continual encouragement of curiosity, and his unfailing charm made Mr. Trebek one of television’s most respected and beloved figures. He was an inspiration to the nonfiction community that selected him for this award and to the vast audience that welcomed him into their daily lives.”

Furthermore, Alex Trebek’s children, Matthew and Emily, accepted the award on their father’s behalf. They gave a brief, yet emotional speech sharing their appreciation for recognizing Alex Trebek as the Impact Award winner.

“We are so grateful to receive this award on behalf of our dad,” begins Matthew. “He would’ve truly appreciated the significance of this honor, as it represents the inspiration that he gave all of us throughout his life.”

Emily takes over, thanking her father’s thousands of fans for their “significant impact on him.”

“Although this award recognizes his impact on the world, the reality is it was thousands of people’s well wishes, via letters of encouragement, a thoughtful gift, a silent prayer, that made a significant impact on him. We thank you so much for this outpouring of love and support.”