‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Contestant Explains Why She Named Her Cow After Alex Trebek

by Quentin Blount

It turns out that Jeopardy! fans have an animal to root for now. There is a cow back in Tulsa, Oklahoma, named “Trebek,” thanks to one of the show’s contestants.

Mackenzie Jones is a STEM programming coordinator from Tulsa. She has been watching Jeopardy! her entire life. And last year, she got the chance to live out her dream and prove herself on the game show’s stage. And boy did she ever. Jones had the goal of just winning one game when she came on. But she went on to win eight. That number secured her a spot in the coveted Tournament of Champions.

Speaking of the Tournament of Champions, that is exactly when we found out that Jones had named a cow back home in honor of the iconic game show host. In an Instagram video posted by the official Jeopardy! account, Jones has an exchange with host Buzzy Cohen about how and why she named a cow “Trebek.”

“So, after my run, the ranch manager at the tribal ranch at the reservation where I live, said I could name any cow I wanted,” Jones explained. “And I said, ‘pick the smartest cow and we’ll name him Trebek.'”

Simple enough, right? It sounded like Jones had that planned out all along. You can watch the clip for yourself down below:

“Meet ‘Trebek,’ the smartest cow that Mackenzie got to name after her Jeopardy! run! #TournamentOfChampions”

And ,of course, Jeopardy! fans had to chime in on this one. “That’s very mooooooving,” one fan commented.

“I named my cat, Perry, after the late game show host, Jim Perry,” another follower wrote. “Great minds think alike.”

Jeopardy! Contestant Steals Buzzy Cohen’s Signature Move

We all remember Buzzy Cohen’s signature move from 2016 during his great run on Jeopardy!. The now Tournament of Champions host and fan favorite was known for brushing his shoulders off. That move is coming back thanks to one of the tournament’s new competitors.

Not only does Mackenzie Jones name cows after Alex Trebek, she also knows Buzzy Cohen’s signature move. Jones was certainly feeling confident in front of the camera when she brushed her shoulders off just like Cohen used to do.

The official Jeopardy! Instagram account shared the hilarious clip of both Cohen and Jones brushing their shoulders off. You can watch that by clicking here.