‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Returns with Buzzy Cohen as Guest Host: When, How to Watch

by Halle Ames

The 2021 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions begins tomorrow with guest host Buzzy Cohen. Here is how, when, and where to watch the event.

Buzzy Cohen returns to the Jeopardy stage once again as guest host of the prestigious Tournament of Champions. 

Trophy Case

Cohen is a former Jeopardy champion with long ties to the show. According to the Jeopardy website, Alex Trebek gave Buzzy Cohen the nickname “Mr. Personality” in 2016, which has stuck with him over the years and has become a fan favorite. Cohen won over $164,603 throughout nine episodes on Jeopardy.

He was invited back to the show in 2017 and proceeded to win the Tournament of Champions. As of 2019, he was named team captain for the All-Star Games. Since serving as host, Buzzy Cohen will not be eligible to return as a contestant. 

“The only thing better than winning is crowing the next winner,” states Cohen in a teaser video for Jeopardy’s social media accounts. 

He will take the stage for the popular Tournament of Champions event on Monday, May 17, through May 28.

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

Beginning tomorrow, 15 former champions have qualified to make the tournament with a $250,000 prize for one lucky winner. 

From May 17 (Monday) until May 21 (Friday), the quarterfinals event occurs, with all 15 contestants competing for an exclusive spot in the semifinal round.  

However, Jeopardy notes that there will be a “Wild Card Watch,” indicating that four non-game winners with the highest money totals will advance to the semifinals as wildcards.  

Check your local listing here, so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Tomorrow in the first round of Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, we have the math teacher, the graduate student, and the stay-at-home mom/writer going head to head…to head. 

Who do you think will reign victorious and be crowned the Tournament of Champions winner? You can see the bio’s for each contestant on the Jeopardy website as well. 

Buzzy Cohen Pays Tribute to Alex Trebek

Yesterday, Jeopardy posted another clip of Buzzy Cohen admitting what a dream it was to serve as host in the wake of the beloved Alex Trebek’s death. 

“I stood on this stage in my Tournament of Champions, and I told Alex I wanted a shot to host,” Cohen says, fighting back tears. “How many people just say, ‘This is a dream,’ Especially for the Tournament of Champions, which means so much to me. I loved every minute of hosting the show; I can’t put it into words.”