‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Contestant Talks About His Hilarious Connection with ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic

by Thad Mitchell

The annual Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions wrapped up its first week of fierce competition yesterday (Friday) with another week to go.

The Tournament of Champions invites back only the best of the best Jeopardy! contestants over previous seasons. As one would expect, the competition among these competitors is hot and heavy with a massive grand prize for the winner. To the victor go the spoils, and in this case, the spoils is a $250,000 cash prize. With the first week of the tournament now complete, the semifinalists are now gearing up for the next round.

Former Tournament of Champions winner Buzzy Cohen is handling the hosting responsibilities for the tournament. Reviews for Cohen’s performance so far have been overwhelmingly positive. With his quirky charm and love for the game, he’s a natural being at the podium. After yesterday’s episode, Jeopardy! producers took to social media to provide a clip of Cohen’s interaction with contestants. His comfort level is rather obvious as each of the contestants share a funny story with him. One competitor even shares a Weird Al Yankovic story and that draws laughs out of Jeopardy! fans.

“Today’s contestants hosted a pie bake-a-thon for charity, got a reaction from Weird Al Yankovic, and ended up in third place during a weekly trivia game,” the tweet says.

Michigan native Andy Wood, a contestant in the tournament, says his Jeopardy! loss drew the attention of the famed music spoofer.

“I am a life-long Weird Al fan,” Wood says to Cohen’s question. “The first tape I ever owned was ‘Weird Al in 3D.’ So when potpourri came up as a category — I knew I had to give him a shoutout. He liked it and posted a clip online and thanked me. That’s cool…but the downside is the song I was quoting was ‘I Lost on Jeopardy!‘ and that was the day that I lost on Jeopardy!

Cohen was quick with a hilarious retort to Wood’s Weird Al story, pointing out that everyone eventually loses on Jeopardy!

“Well, the good thing about Jeopardy! is that if you win they make you keep playing until you’re a loser,” he says.

Currently on a weekend break, the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions will resume on Monday and conclude the following Friday. That day will also mark the end of Cohen’s guest-hosting reign. Actress Mayim Bialik is next in line for a hosting opportunity and will begin her stint the following Monday.