‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Victor Reveals How He Plans to Spend His Winnings

by Emily Morgan

Minnesota native Sam Kavanaugh won the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions in April, yet he couldn’t reveal his win with the world until the final-round episode. His winning episode aired the Friday before Memorial Day. 

Additionally, that’s the same day Kavanaugh, who works as a substitute teacher, received his $250,000 check in the mail. “Because of the holiday, I haven’t been able to deposit it yet,” he said about his prize money. “I’ll be going to the bank right after this phone call.”

Kavanaugh, who went on a five-day winning streak on the classic quiz show in 2019, shared his thoughts on the recent victory and what he plans to do with his winnings. 

“We’ll see. The last time around, I got Lasik surgery and bought a new car,” he recently told the Star Tribune. “I really want to travel quite a bit. I’m hoping to take it slow and not blow it all frivolously.”

As for what he plans to do after his well-earned vacation, Kavanaugh says he’s open to possibilities. As for whether “Jeopardy!” fans will see him back on the show as a guest host or to work behind the scenes, that’s another story. 

“I’m kind of open to possibilities. I don’t think I would make a good host. I don’t think I have the personality. If they asked, I would say yes, but I doubt they will. Every four or five years, they tend to have super tournaments with past champs. I might be back for that. I love testing myself against the best players.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Shows off Eccentric Expressions

In other “Jeopardy!” news, a former contestant caused quite an uproar on social media when audiences were left stunned by her facial expressions. 

Julia Markham Cameron, a Brooklyn, N.Y. native, caught viewers’ eyes when she had an odd reaction to the questions being asked and even her own answers. 

Even the guest host for the week, actress Mayim Bialik, couldn’t help but notice. Additionally, online users began commenting on her expressions. One Twitter user wrote, “I am LIVING for Julia’s facial expressions,” and referring to her as “a breath of fresh air.”

Besides her odd mannerisms, she’s also getting noticed for her gameplay. She’s off to a good start. On Thursday, she won with a total of $16,450. But if she happens to win more rounds, she might have to come up with something else to say besides her reaction during Thursday’s game when she responded with, “Shut up! That’s crazy.”