‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Contestants Give First Look at Buzzy Cohen Behind Podium

by John Jamison

With the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions right around the corner, contestants are finding it hard to contain themselves. A few of them took to Twitter, posting some images from their upcoming performances. On Monday, May 17, the tournament kicks off and will feature some of the best trivia talents in the world as they put their knowledge to the test.

Buzzy Cohen is hosting the Tournament of Champions. He’s an accomplished “Jeopardy!” player in his own right, going on a nine-game streak back in 2016 and winning the very tournament he’s set to host in 2017. Now, as the opening day of the 2021 tournament approaches, we’re getting our first looks at Buzzy behind the podium.

Ryan Bilger, who takes the stage in the first group of three competitors on Monday, posted a fun picture to Twitter. A graduate student from Macungie, Pennsylvania, Ryan jokes about his youth as he’s pictured in a slightly oversized suit (still looking pretty sharp, if you ask us).

And while Ryan grows into his “big boy clothes,” Buzzy Cohen is indeed looking dapper as ever. Even though he’s looking good, the fact that Buzzy’s hosting means that he will never be able to compete on a “Jeopardy!” event again. The quarter of a million dollars he won during his own Tournament of Champions run will help with that, though.

‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Contestants Can Hardly Contain Their Excitement

Ryan isn’t the only one to show off his proximity to Cohen, however. Nibir Sarma, a junior at the University of Minnesota and the college championship winner, posted a pretty strong “flex” of his own.

Nibir will appear first on Tuesday in the second set of contestants. If his bowtie is any indication, the college student is ready to go.

And don’t let Ryan Bilger’s ill-fitting suit fool you, he is primed and ready to compete too. In fact, Ryan voiced his excitement about the opportunity in a recent video.

“This is my Super Bowl. This is my World Series. It feels like everything in my life has been building to this very moment,” he said.

When someone starts likening the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions to their Super Bowl, it’s safe to say they mean business. He’ll have some stiff competition ahead of him, however. Contending with Nabir and the other 13 contestants will be no easy feat. There are some serious players in the ranks, including Jason Zuffranieri, who boasts an impressive 19-game winning streak.

But we’ll all have to tune in Monday to see what happens as Buzzy Cohen and the rest take the stage.