‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Finalist Jennifer Quail Details the ‘Intensity’ of Show’s Competition

by John Jamison

The “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions is the pinnacle of game show trivia. Nowhere else are the stakes higher or the competition stiffer. The three contestants who made their way into the finals know this better than most. And Jennifer Quail, a wine tasting consultant from Michigan, talked about what it’s like to compete at the ultimate level.

None of the three finalists trod an easy path to the final round, but Jennifer Quail faced one of the scarier players in the tournament. During her semifinals game, Jennifer faced off against Jason Zuffranieri. Not long after James Holzhauer’s historic run, Zuffranieri went on an impressive run of his own in 2019. He won 19 games in a row, totaling $532,496 in winnings.

Jennifer is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. She went on an 8-game streak to take home $228,800, but Zuffranieri was more than a worthy adversary. And in a video posted to the “Jeopardy!” YouTube account today, Jennifer discussed the level of competition she’s seen thus far in the tournament.

“There were six of us still up there, and Jason pointed at Nibir and me and himself,” Quail said. “But the semifinal was the most nervous I think I’ve ever been playing “Jeopardy!” I knew I was up against two really, really strong people. I was just thinking, ‘Oh boy’ and this is the one I have to win, I can’t keep playing if I don’t win this game. There’s no wildcard spots. I had a good round. That was really intense.”

Jennifer came out on top, beating Zuffranieri, $29,999 to $20,400. We shouldn’t discount Nibir Sarma, either, who had a tough round with $201 when all was said and done.

‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Finalist is Relieved to Have Made it This Far

Even making it to the tournament in the first place was a tall order. Sarah Whitcomb Foss of the Clue Crew, one of the “Jeopardy!” correspondents who travels all over to film video clues for the show, highlighted the fact that Quail was one of the hundreds of championship-worthy contestants to make it this far.

“It’s nice to have gotten this far. It’s kind of like, all right I can relax a little bit,” Quail continued. “I’m in the final, no matter how it plays out at this point. I made it really, really far. And I have had so much fun getting here, it’s all gravy.”

The “Jeopardy” Tournament of Champions final round is playing out over the last two days of the week. Be sure to tune in. And, of course, follow along on Outsider for any and all updates.