‘Jeopardy!’ Tournaments of Champions Guest Host Buzzy Cohen Shows Off His ‘J! Whip’ as He Arrives at Studio

by Evan Reier

Buzzy Cohen is savoring every bit of his role as Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions host. Even the commute to and from the studio.

Why wouldn’t he? The 36-year-old former contestant is living the dream. After a stellar 9-game run in 2016, becoming the Tournament of Champions winner in 2017, he is now in the driver seat of Jeopardy! And it might not even end here, as it is essentially serving as an audition for the permanent hosting role.

But as enticing as that may be for Cohen, it’s clear he’s just enjoying the ride. Speaking of rides, the guest host took to Twitter on Monday, May 24 to show off his “J! Whip” that he took to the studio.

Fans had already gotten a look at Cohen’s chosen form of transport in recent updates. The Jeopardy! host gave a new photo ahead of the Tournament of Champions first semi-final that came on Monday.

While Alex Trebek would famously drive to set in a standard-looking truck (we’ll get to that in a second,) Buzzy prefers a bike. Credit to him, it’s the environmentally-friendly option and it’s probably perfect for the former music industry executive.

However, it remains to be seen if Buzzy is “the guy” for Jeopardy! But if week one of the Tournament of Champions was any sign of what week two is like, Cohen has made quite the case for himself.

Jeopardy! Icon Alex Trebek Tried to Go Unnoticed on Way to Show

See, the thing with a bike is that it’s pretty clear who is on it when it rides by. That may be something Cohen doesn’t mind, but being that visible is something Alex Trebek tried to avoid.

Back in 2014, the Jeopardy! legend went on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the show and his life. At one point, the topic of transportation (and Pat Sajak) came up. Further, this is where Trebek let in fans on what his commute is like.

“I drive to work in a Dodge RAM pickup truck,” Trebek said. “People go out and say, ‘Where’s your car?’ They’re looking for a Rolls or a Bentley. Or Pat Sajak’s— Pat Sajak has a four-door Porsche. When he pulls out of the driveway, it’s like a jet taking off. He’s got four mufflers. And here I go with my 1500 Dodge RAM.”

Different folks, different strokes, but Trebek always kept it simple. It’s honestly not surprising, primarily because Trebek was so famous for being the same guy off of Jeopardy! as he was on it.

Sadly, Alex Trebek passed away on November 8, 2020. While Jeopardy! searches for his eventual replacement, Cohen and the rest of the rotating guests continue to honor his legacy.