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‘Jeopardy!’: These Two Iconic Sitcoms Both Had Episodes Centered Around the Game Show

by Jacklyn Krol
E. Charbonneau, WireImage for Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment

Did you know that two classic sitcoms featured the iconic game show Jeopardy!?

Mama’s Family was a spinoff of The Carol Burnett Show. Vicki Lawrence starred as Thelma “Mama” Harper. The “Mama on Jeopardy!” episode aired in 1988. A young Alex Trebek hosted the mock game show for the episode. In the episode, he sported his famous mustache from the 80s.

The episode began with television producers coming to Raytown. They open up casting calls and auditions for the citizens. Iola decides to audition but unfortunately does not get any answers correct. Meanwhile, Mama answered all of the questions concerning William Shakespeare correctly. Directors loved her and chose her to be a contestant.

Mama was up against two scholars and showed off her winning personality. Her first buzz-in was by accident. She was asked who was the first man to climb Mt. Everest. “The only Ed I can think of is Ed Higgins, my daughter Eunice’s husband. I would love to push him off Mt. Everest,” she joked.

Mama buzzed in by accident a second time and blamed it on a cramp in her hand. She gave another wrong answer. Although she was in the negative numbers at first, she began to make a comeback after answering questions about comedy correctly.

Unfortunately, Mama didn’t win. However, she was the first runner-up with just $1 and won an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii.

Alex Trebek and Jeopardy! Meet Cheers

Jeopardy! visited Boston, Massachusetts for an unforgettable episode of Cheers. The episode “What is… Cliff Clavin?” aired in Season 8 back in 1990.

Cliff Clavin manages to secure an impressive amount of winnings in the first round. By Double Jeopardy! approaches, he reached $22,000. Meanwhile, the contestant in second place had less than $11,000, which meant that a win was extremely likely.

The last clue was in the movies category. Trebek read the clue, “Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz and Lucille LeSueur.” His response? “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?” The judges did not accept the answer. Unfortunately, he bet all of his money on the question and lost.

After the heartbreaking loss, Trebek visited Clavin at the bar. Trebek said that he wished that his answer would have been accepted. The best part? Trebek told him that he was ready to quit hosting Jeopardy! Clavin expressed how much he enjoyed the show to him and his personal enjoyment from it. Somehow, he convinces Trebek to stay on the show.

Later that evening, Norm Peterson struck up a conversation with Trebek. The game show host explained that he didn’t know Clavin was at the bar and that he actually scares him.