‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host Aaron Rodgers Donated to Child Cancer Fund in 2015 Win

by Jon D. B.

Six years before the announcement of his ‘Jeopardy!’ hosting duties, Aaron Rodgers won a massive amount on the show for the childhood cancer charity of his choice.

Soon, Green Bay will not only have a star athlete, but a ‘Jeopardy!’ host as their quarterback. Taking on one of several interim hosting slots, Aaron Rodgers will return to “America’s Gameshow” to fill in for ten episodes after the tragic loss of Alex Trebek.

Sharp fans of the show will know, however, that this will be far from Rodgers’ first time on ‘Jeopardy!’. Back in 2015, the quarterback proved himself a jack-of-all-trades when he steamrolled the competition – becoming Celebrity Jeopardy Champion.

On May 12, 2015, Aaron Rodgers – then 31 – beat out Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank and astronaut Mark Kelly to take the title. In doing so, the quarterback scored an incredible $50,000 for the charity of his choice. His charity? Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer.

Within the episode, Rodgers actual total winnings were $8,399, no insignificant feat on the gameshow. For participating, both O’Leary and Kelly also won $10,000 for the charities of their choice.

It’s a win the Packers star will never forget. During, Alex Trebek brought out the Discount Double Check to honor Rodgers as champion. The two would go on to form a friendship based on mutual respect and Rodgers’ visceral love of the game.

Aaron Rodgers Takes Over ‘Jeopardy!’ Starting April 5

Mark your calendars, sports and ‘Jeopardy!’ fans: Aaron Rodgers’ tenure as interim host officially begins April 5, 2021.

Moreover, the show’s executive producer and fellow interim host Mike Richards says the show will be in excellent hands when Rodgers is hosting.

” Each person brings their own intense love for the game,” he tells USA Today. “Aaron Rodgers loves that game at a visceral level.”

There are people just kind of in the orbit that I knew feel very strongly about stepping in, not to try out for the role but to honor Alex,” the producer emphasizes of his hosting choices.

He does, however, note specifically that “this is not a host competition,” as he doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea about the first season to air without Alex Trebek.

“This is people who love this game, and their respect for Alex is off the charts. That’s how we went about it: Who would feel a connection? Who has the unique talents?” he adds.

In addition, USA Today asks Richards if Ken Jennings is among those being considered as permanent replacement for his late mentor, Alex Trebek. His answer?

“Yes, absolutely. I think we want to look at everyone,” the producer replies. This is exciting news for Jennings and longtime fans alike.

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