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’Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host Anderson Cooper’s Charity Announced

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Billboard Magazine)

Jeopardy! has announced which charity will benefit from Anderson Cooper’s time behind the host’s podium. During his two weeks as host, Cooper will raise money for the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Justice Defenders.

The show will match whatever money contestants win during Cooper’s 10-episode run and donate that to the charities. Each guest host chooses the charity they want to help. So far, the show has donated nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to various charities.

Coopers’ two charities both benefit the continent of Africa. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital operates in Gabon and provides medical treatments to an underserved part of the world. It also conducts medical research. It’s named after its founder Albert Schweitzer, the missionary and philanthropist, who set up the first iteration in 1913.

Justice Defenders help facilitate legal processes for prisoners and prison officials. The charity also establishes law practices within prisons, provides free services, and runs legal awareness clinics for prisoners, according to the group’s website.

Jeopardy! has also announced some of the other hosts’ charities as well. 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker, who will host after Cooper, chose Media Fellowship House. Mayim Bialik, a neuroscientist and actress, will raise money for the National Alliance On Mental Illness. And Savannah Guthrie, TODAY show co-host, will aid The Bowery Mission.

‘Jeopardy!’ Has Raised More Than $735K So Far

As of Friday’s show, which was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’s final episode, Jeopardy! has raised a whopping $735,930.

Rodgers, a former Celebrity Jeopardy! champ raised $236,725 for the North Valley Community Foundation. In an Instagram post, Rodgers said the money donated will go toward helping small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.

“To @aaronrodgers12, the staff of @Jeopardy, and the contestants, there are not enough words to thank you for all the support you have given us. This has been an incredible two weeks and we have loved every minute of rooting for you and the contestants,” the charity tweeted.

Dr. Mehmet Oz raised more than $250,000 for Healthcorps, which helps teens overcome inequality through education and health initiatives.

“The total donation we have received from Jeopardy! is $268,701!” the group posted on Instagram. “Thank you to Jeopardy!, Dr. Oz, and YOU for helping us support over 19,000 students in health and wellness. But our fight isn’t over until we close the health gap!”

Katie Couric raised $230,504 for the charity Stand Up 2 Cancer during her time on the show.

“Thank you @Jeopardy and @KatieCouric for your amazing support of #StandUpToCancer and @LustgartenFDN pancreatic cancer research through the #PancreaticCancerCollective. We will continue to work toward a world where cancer is no more!” the group tweeted.

This donation is all the more poignant considering Alex Trebek, the iconic host of Jeopardy! for more than three decades died from pancreatic cancer in October.