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‘Jeopardy!’ Upcoming Guest Host LeVar Burton Appears in Hilarious Ryan Renolds Gin Brand Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Get ready, “Jeopardy!” LeVar Burton is about to be in far higher demand as Ryan Reynolds is “officially starting the LeVar Burton for literally everything campaign…”

Everything about this is gold. Ahead of his recently-announced (and much deserved) “Jeopardy!” guest-hosting stint, “Star Trek” and “Reading Rainbow” alum LeVar Burton is teaming up with Ryan Reynolds for Aviation Gin.

This ain’t your grandma’s team up, either. Together – yet completely separate a’ la the COVID-19 era – the duo has filmed a hilarious ad for Reynold’s American gin. And it’s priceless.

“Everybody’s been saying how great LeVar Burton is,” Reynolds begins, looking conspicuously like a Dr. on a Zoom call. “So, I decided to have him step in for me as spokesperson for Aviation Gin.”

Everyone HAS been saying how wonderful LeVar Burton is, too. Mostly, the outcry has come courtesy of “Jeopardy!”s ongoing guest-hosting run, for which Burton is a perfect fit. Honestly, if anyone ends up as permanent lead for the game show besides Ken Jennings, it needs to be LeVar Burton. He may even be a better fit. We’ll find out soon enough.

For now, enjoy this fantastic Aviation Gin promo with Ryan and LeVar, by which’s end the former deems the latter “a G*dd*amn national treasure.”

“The smooth, refreshing taste of Aviation American gin. For an out of this world gin and tonic,” Burton says within, looking absolutely debonair in front of what we can only assume (hope?) is his own private pool & garden.

As a lifelong “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fan, Burton’s reference within is spot on. Right down to his yellow digs, another great nod to his tenure as engineer Geordie La Forge.

When Will LeVar Burton Host ‘Jeopardy!’?

Following this priceless ad, the question on everyone’s mind is: “When can we expect Mr. Burton on “Jeopardy!?”

Thankfully, we finally have our answer for that! According to the game show’s official website, LeVar Burton will host for the following dates:

LeVar Burton, Actor & Former Host of “Reading Rainbow”
Show Air Dates: July 26, 2021 – July 30, 2021

So mark your calendars for July 26, “Jeopardy!” fans! Burton takes the podium for a full week at that time, and will stick around until July 20. Is it just us, or is this a terribly short stint for the best of all guest host choices?

Either way, count Outsider among the “Jeopardy!” crazed that are most looking forward to Burton taking the helm. If anyone imbues the spirit, intellect, and approachability of late Alex Trebek: it’s LeVar Burton.