‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host Savannah Guthrie Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary on ‘Today’ Show

by Suzanne Halliburton

Savannah Guthrie, who is about to take a turn at the Jeopardy! podium, celebrated her 10th anniversary as host of the Today show, Monday. Her husband and two kids joined her on set.

Guthrie’s time as Jeopardy! guest host starts June 14th. So it’s getting close. Mayim Bialik is asking for the questions and answers through this week.

But before Jeopardy! tapped her as a host, the country knew Savannah Guthrie as a terrific journalist and morning show host. When she moved from covering the White House for NBC News to the Today show in 2011, she still was single. But in the decade since she took the job, she married husband Michael Feldman, then had children Vale and Charley.

They all were on set Monday morning to help wheel out a red velvet cake and surprise their mom. The Today show posted a clip of the heart-warming moment. And then there were big hugs from the kids. It also proved to be the first time the Today show hosted a cake moment since the pandemic started last year.

Al Roker, the long-time Today show weatherman, said “One of the things I enjoy watching her being is a mom.”

Savannah Guthrie transitioned from morning host back to White House journalist last October. She moderated a Town Hall with then-President Donald Trump. This was after one of the debates was changed to a virtual setting because of Covid-19 precautions.

Guthrie, 49, started at the Today show in 2011 as host of the third hour and the show’s legal analyst. In 2012, she became full-time host when Ann Curry left the show.

Earlier, Monday, Savannah Guthrie posted a photo to her Instagram to acknowledge the decade anniversary. The photo was from Guthrie’s childhood. Her hair was messy and she was wearing a mismatched green pair of shorts and shirt. Awkwardness was the point.

She captioned it: “No one was saying, ‘This girl is gonna anchor the Today show one day. For this and a million other reasons, I am marveling at the miraculous blessing I have been given. Thank you Today show for 10 thrilling, challenging, inspiring, and jaw dropping years. I could post many adventures (and maybe I just will!) but it’s the dear people here that I hold in my heart forever.”

Savannah Guthrie has a unique challenge ahead with Jeopardy!. The quiz show is looking for a replacement for beloved host Alex Trebek. Since Trebek died last year, show producers have cycled through a list of really smart celebrities to host the show. The summer will be all about the morning show hosts. After Savannah Guthrie, it’ll be Good Morning America’s turn. George Stephanopoulos hosts Jeopardy! from July 12-16, followed by Robin Roberts, July 19-23. Stay tuned.