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‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Alex Trebek, Regis Philbin Talk Game Show Hosting Over Homemade Sandwich in 2018 Documentary

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ATI

Two iconic game show hosts, Alex Trebek and Regis Philbin, once sat down for a conversation and a sandwich. Prior to their passing in 2020, the late-game show hosts sat down in 2018 to discuss their careers in a documentary. Trebek, of course, hosted “Jeopardy!” for decades. Meanwhile, Philbin was the host of the popular “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Alex Trebek and Regis Philbin and a Sandwich

In the Alex Trebek documentary called “Game Changers,” Trebek and Philbin sat down at a kitchen table in front of a homemade turkey sandwich. Trebek told Philbin, “I wanted you to feel really comfortable, so I made you a sandwich and I changed into a Kelly green sweater, just in your honor.”

The two mostly discussed Philbin’s long and prolific career as a host. Trebek pointed out that Philbin did the whole game show host thing in “reverse.” He started out with his own successful talk show that eventually became a national program. From there, he became interested in the thought of hosting. He took on the job as the host of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” usually offered a higher ceiling of cash prizes for contestants. On “Jeopardy!” contestants would have to have quite the winning streak to earn a massive amount. For reference, Ken Jennings, the longest-running champion from the show, walked away with $2,520,700 after his 74-win streak. He made more from other appearances on the show as well.

Philbin told Trebek that he was always anxious about people risking such high amounts right in front of him. He said the first win didn’t come until about eight shows in. The contestant actually used a phone call on the million-dollar question just to let his dad know he was going to win a million dollars.

The “Game Changers” documentary came out in 2018. It was hosted by Alex Trebek and explored the enduring appeal of game shows. Some guests included J.D. Roth, Gary Dawson, Ken Jennings, Tom Kennedy, and Marc Summers.

Regis Philbin on ‘Jeopardy!’

Regis Philbin was actually featured in the first-ever episode of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!” back in 1992.

Alex Trebek and Regis Philbin shared an iconic and hilarious moment together on the show. He hadn’t used the buzzer at all during the first portion of the show. Alex Trebek asked him jokingly to do him a “favor” and ring in to see if it was working.

His buzzer did in fact work. Trebek declared, “It works, you don’t.” Regis Philbin aggressively tapped the buzzer as he looked at the audience.

Alongside him as contestants were Carol Burnett and Donna Mills. “Jeopardy!” re-aired the episode last year shortly after Philbin’s death in honor of the game show host. Both hosts left behind a lasting legacy in the game show world.