‘Jeopardy!’: Watch All of Buzzy Cohen’s Subtle ‘Trebek-isms’ Throughout 2-Week Guest Hosting Stint

by Madison Miller

Unfortunately, “Jeopardy!” fans no longer get to see the wonderful late Alex Trebek host his favorite show for millions of viewers.

However, some of the guest hosts on “Jeopardy!” have placed small little hidden phrases and actions Trebek was known for doing on stage. Or as some people call them, “Trebek-isms.” They’re like Easter eggs for longtime fans of the show to notice.

Buzzy Cohen Trebek ‘Jeopardy!’ Easter Eggs

Buzzy Cohen, the most recent guest host on the show, put on little Trebek showcases for the audience. One of which was to say “good for you” as a response to contestants.

He also would say the phrase “two-day total point affair.”

One of Alex Trebek’s favorite things to do was correct contestants in the most subtle way possible. When a contestant would say the correct answer but pronounce it incorrectly, Trebek would chime in with the correct pronunciation. He wanted viewers at home to know what the 100% correct answer was.

Claire McNear, an author of a “Jeopardy!” book and a writer at The Ringer, tweeted a collection of what she calls these “Trebek-isms.” One of the best clips was a flashback of Buzzy Cohen trying to pronounce a foreign word and getting corrected by Trebek.

Other guest hosts have honored Trebek in less subtle ways in the months following his death. For example, Ken Jennings, the first host after Trebek passed away, had a sign-off at the end of each episode that fans loved. He would say simply, “Thanks, Alex.” It is simple, yet incredibly touching.

During each guest host’s opening monologue, Trebek was mentioned. Aaron Rodgers gave a sentimental speech on his respect for the longtime host and his love of “Jeopardy!”

“As a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! it is an incredible honor to guest host. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of amazing things, but winning Celebrity Jeopardy! and getting to share the stage with the legend Alex Trebek is something I will never forget. Alex was such a gentleman. So smart, so precise, I was in awe,” he added. “And I will work hard to honor his legacy,” Rodgers said at the start of his first episode, according to ET Online.

Buzzy Cohen Talks About Alex Trebek

Now that Buzzy Cohen has hosted the show, he can no longer appear as a contestant.

For Cohen, the show has done a lot of good in his life, beyond just financial help.

In November 2020, Cohen wrote an article for The Washington Post. He wrote that “Alex Trebek was the voice of comfort” for many people across the country, including himself. Trebek loved his job more than most people and was passionate about everything he did.

Cohen admits that “On the eve of my first taping in March of 2016, I was in a deep bout of depression … My stint on the show would transform the way I saw myself. I won nine games over two tape days — something that, to me, was extraordinary.”

While the relationship Trebek had with contestants always stayed strictly professional, he still had a way of making people feel comfortable amidst their life-changing moments on the show.

“Part of what made “Jeopardy!” special was it felt like Trebek always rooted for the contestants and wanted them to excel — even the ones playing from the sofa,” Cohen wrote.