‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video of Buzzy Cohen’s Journey to Guest-Hosting Job

by Jon D. B.

Get ready for Jeopardy!‘s 2021 Tournament of Champions with this great behind-the-scenes lead-up into Buzzy Cohen’s first episode hosting.

Judging by this reel, Sony and the Jeopardy! execs are as excited for Buzzy Cohen‘s guest-hosting tenure as his fans – and Buzzy himself! Releasing the BTS footage Monday, the long-running game show also reveals Cohen’s first words leading the show he loves most.

With a big thanks to longtime announcer Johnny Gilbert, Cohen jumps right into his first moments as guest host with contagious enthusiasm.

“Welcome to the Tournament of Champions! I am so honored to be here as guest host, and to pay tribute to the incomparable Alex Trebek,” Buzzy starts off.

Cohen, who Trebek nicknamed “Mr. Personality,” recalls some of the “incredible moments” he shared with his late mentor “right here on this stage.”

“As the 2017 Champion, I can tell you: there is nothing like the intensity and competition of this tournament,” the guest host adds. “The 15 top recent champions [are] vying for a quarter of a million dollars!”

As for the competition itself, Buzzy has a few more details on how Jeopardy!‘s latest Tournament of Champions will play out.

“The winner of each game this week moves onto the semifinals, and the four highest scoring non-winners will earn wildcard spots,” he reveals. “So! There’s a lot at stake for our champions!”

The few snippets of Cohen gearing up Hollywood-boxer style are great. But the true gem of Monday’s Twitter reveal comes via seeing Cohen in the hosting role for the first time. And by all accounts, it looks as if he’s absolutely nailed it!

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Loving Buzzy Cohen

And it’s not just us at Outsider who think so, either. Fans are taking to Twitter in response to Monday’s clip with high praise for Cohen.

“I remember thinking years ago Buzzy would be a great host should Alex ever step down or retire. Tonight he reminded me why I thought he would be a perfect host,” lauds fan Thomas in one top reply.

Another fan, who seems to have already watched Buzzy’s inaugural Monday episode, responds: “You were flawless. Comfy, animated, read clues with some meaning to them…#BuzzyCohenforJeopardyHost. Although all the “big boys” should get their chance, too. Fair is fair.”

Perhaps most telling, however, is this Jeopardy! follower who has “no idea” who Buzzy Cohen is – but finds him a stellar host!

“I don’t have a clue who this newest guest host is BUT he should unequivocally become the permanent host. He’s fantastic & a natural!”

Talk about unbiased praise!

As for Cohen himself, the guest host has already taped his Tournament of Champions gig. Monday night begins his tenure, with episodes set to air May 17-28. So get ready, Jeopardy! fans! The time is upon us! And best of luck to each of these champions!