‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Incredible Moment NASA Astronaut Delivers Clue From International Space Station

by Thad Mitchell

Even though it’s been in the game for nearly four decades, the hit game show “Jeopardy! keeps finding ways to keep it fresh.

This was the case on Tuesday’s episode as the show took viewers to outer space with an out-of-this-world clue. The “Jeopardy!” clue came from a real astronaut aboard the International Space Station. Dr. Kate Rubins did the honor of presenting the episode’s contestants with the clue from the ISS. Rubins was very excited for the opportunity and thanked “Jeopardy!” for letting her have the experience. Shortly after the episode ended, “Jeopardy!” took to social media to share the featured clue with fans. The social media post got quite a reaction from the quiz show’s massive audience.

“Today’s category takes use to the International Space Station,” the Instagram post explains. “The category is present by Dr. Kate Rubins.”

Dr. Rubins presented each clue in the “ISS” category and Tuesday’s contestants answering them at a rapid pace. In introducing the category to the players, Rubins notes she is a flight engineer. She also says she has called the International Space Station her home for quite some time. The contestants were also impressed with the clue presenter.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Nail Space Station Category

Reigning Champion Matt Amodio gets things started in the ISS category, first selecting a clue worth $1,000.

“One of the perks of working on the ISS is the incredible view,” Rubins says reading the clue. “Here is the cape from 250 miles overhead that has played a key role in the history of space flight.”

“What is Cape Canaveral,” is the correct answer given by Amodio to claim the points.

Each of the “Jeopardy!” contestants on the most recent episode were able to correctly answer at least one of the clues. Amodio and his fellow contestant, Silpa, each got two of the clues right. Upon completion of the International Space Station category, current “Jeopardy!” guest host Joe Buck thanked Dr. Rubins for her assistance.

Amodio dominated much of Tuesday’s contest much in the way he’s done since tenure as champion began. That tenure began a couple of weeks ago as Amodio is surging higher and higher into the “Jeopardy!” record books. The Yale graduate student has now won 15-straight episodes of the popular quiz show with no signs of letting up. His total winnings through his winning streak are now more than $475,000 and there are three episodes remaining this week. His cash total has him in fourth place on the all-time “Jeopardy!” earner’s list.

Buck is the fourth guest host to stand behind the “Jeopardy!” lectern during Amodio’s impressive winning streak. He’s also played under Robin Roberts, Levar Burton and David Faber.

Matt Amodio will be going for his 16th straight win in tonight’s (Wednesday) episode.