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‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Late Acting Legend Christopher Plummer Deliver Clues in Latest Episode

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

Tragically, the late Oscar-winning icon Christopher Plummer left us on February 5, 2021. His legacy, however, will live on through film, television, and theatre forever. One such show preserving his legacy also happens to be one of his favorites (and ours): ‘Jeopardy!’.

“Honored to have had you deliver clues for us, Christopher Plummer. RIP to a legend,” the gameshow captions their tweet. Within, ‘Jeopardy!’ shares one of the late actor’s pre-recorded clues, offering a glimpse into his final days.

With his trademark gravitas, Plummer makes the clue sound as important as any ever has.

“In 1973, I sang the closing number, ‘I never loved you,’ playing with panache, this heroic Frenchman in Anthony Burgess’ musical version of the famous play,” he offers, with more than a twinkle in his eye:

“Christopher Plummer had nothing but the utmost praise for Alex Trebek,” replies Canadian journalist Courtney Theriault to Friday’s tweet. “Two Canadian legends who did their craft and country proud.”

The latest clues aren’t Plummer’s first foray into ‘Jeopardy!,‘ either. The esteemed Canadian actor wound up with an entire category all his own in January 2020. This pleased him so much that he spoke to the Canadian press about it at the time. Within, he had nothing but the highest praise for late host Alex Trebek, as Theriault cites. What a loss to have both these fine men gone:

“I admire Alex Trebek so much,” the Oscar-winning actor told Canadian press in Jan. 2020. “He’s been such a graceful and generous host for the last God knows how long, 40 years it must be, since I first saw ‘Jeopardy!’ all that time ago. And he’s kept that standard going. He’s amazing!” Plummer concludes.

Surely, these words must’ve meant the world to Trebek before his passing later that year. Rest in Peace to these two absolute gentlemen.

Plummer, Trebek, and ‘Jeopardy!’ Live On

Yet for any kindness ever thrown his way, Alex Trebek was always one to pass it on tenfold. Such is absolutely the case with this hand-written 2006 note from the host to his ‘Jeopardy!” protege, Ken Jennings. It is, in short, an absolute treasure.

“Just randomly found this 2006 note from Alex Trebek commiserating about a question I got wrong on a game show called 1 vs. 100,” Jennings posts to Twitter Thursday. “Bummer!” he recalls of the writing, quoting the late icon.

The caption comes in service to a photo of Trebek’s letter. It begins in what must have felt more formal: a full typed letter to Jennings. Then, however, the legend’s trademark kindness and wit shines through as he takes the time to handwrite an extra “P.S.” to the ‘Jeopardy!’ champ as a footnote.

“Good luck with everything and I wish you all the best,” Trebek concludes the typed portion to his protege.

What follows is an effortless exercise in kindness, as the late host always seemed to radiate. Indeed, continuing on to read the entire handwritten portion of the note is a must for ‘Jeopardy!’ and Trebek fans.