‘Jeopardy!’: Watch LeVar Burton Get in His Element with Science Fiction Category on July 27

by Thad Mitchell

LeVar Burton is cruising right along in his week-long “Jeopardy!” guest-hosting stint with two episodes now under his belt.

In his second “Jeopardy!” episode, Burton seems to really be hitting his stride as he learns the pace of the game. He admits to being nervous during the filming of his debut episode but that now seems to be fading away. Burton has charisma in spades and it is starting to shine through for the latest guest host.

During Tuesday evening’s episode, Burton was smooth in his delivery and his interaction with contestants was top notch. It is clear to see that the former “Reading Rainbow” star is starting to find his groove.

On Tuesday evening’s “Jeopardy!” episode, Burton got help from the game show’s writers. A former cast member of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Burton is well-acquainted with the sci-fi world. He was thrilled to see a “Science Fiction” category appear on Tuesday’s episode.

At home in his element, Burton and the “Jeopardy!” contestants breezed right through the category with ease. “Jeopardy!” took to their social media account once the show ended to test the Science Fiction knowledge of their fan base.

“This one is for all the sci-fi fans!” the Twitter post proudly proclaims.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Rooting For LeVar Burton

“Jeopardy!” fans took their best shot at answering the clues with several able to come with the correct answers. The post’s comments section is also full of praise for Burton’s second episode of his week-long tenure.

“It seems like LeVar Burton was very comfortable with this category,” one fan writes. “I wonder why…”

“He did a lot better today!” another fan says. “Seems less nervous. I don’t know but something about his voice just really feels at home with this show in my opinion. Excited to watch him throughout the week!”

Other “Jeopardy!” fans were more effusive in the praise of Burton, urging the show to hire him right away. Burton has campaigned hard for the permanent gig and seems to have the support of many.

“You should stop looking for a new host because you already found him,” a social media user says. “LeVar Burton has been the best host so far and it isn’t close!”

Burton wasn’t on the initial list of the “Jeopardy!” guest host candidates. That changed when fans created a petition and gathered thousands upon thousands of signatures. The fan support became too much for the show to ignore and Burton was included in the second wave of guest hosts.

Burton has made it no secret that he deeply desires the permanent hosting job on “Jeopardy!”

The position has been vacant since the passing of legendary host Alex Trebek last year.